Burghers Spice (500 grams)


Make Boerewors like the “Burghers” used to make it in the olden days! Your family and friends won’t believe that you made it!

Boerewors the way the “Burghers” used to make it.


Back in the olden days the “Burghers” like their Boerewors a little different.

Instead of keeping it simple they added lots of other things besides the basic spice.

This recipe therefore calls for Worchestershire Sauce, Vinegar and Rusk, ingredients that will give it “that special” taste. Just the way it was back then. Also derived from an age old recipe this Boerewors is a real must!

The complete recipe for using this spice can be found by clicking here.

Remember that all our spices are pre-mixed and as used by most butchers in Sout

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