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South African recipes

Connoiseur Biltong

Most enthusiastic Biltong makers use the following method to make their Biltong. But beware, quantities are given as approximates only, so if you are still a novice at Biltong making, rather use some of the other recipes until you become more adept at gauging spice quantities, soaking periods etc.
This Biltong is made by “feel” more than anything else. But, get your balances right and you will produce some of the most delicious Biltong imaginable!!
Make a note of the quantities of spice you use so that you can adjust this, if necessary, with subsequent batches you make.
You will soon end up with your own particular brand of Biltong, tasting simply out of this world.

Droë Wors
Waterblommetjie Potjie

You have not had a real South African Potjiekos until you have tasted this one.
This traditional South African Potjie is a must.
It’s enough for 6 people and a size 3 Potjie is recommended.

Venison (Wilds) Potjie
Vegetarian Potjie