Biltong Cutter – Fully Industrial (electric)


The Crown Fully Industrial Biltong Cutter is probably the most popular around.
With a powerful 0.75 kW motor, a die-cast aluminum cutting head and with a specially designed razor-sharp spiral blade it always ensured a neat and even cut.

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Industrial Biltong Cutter

This industrial biltong cutter is the most popular and most used biltong shredder in the world.

Wherever you visit a butcher who makes biltong you will see this machine.

It basically consists of a 0.75kW motor (much like a swimming pool motor) to which a specially designed cutting head and blade has been fitted.

  • The cutting disks are dynamically balanced with the blade for vibration free operation
  • Hinged door facilitating easy access for cleaning and blade replacement
  • Fitted hooks for holding packets in place while cutting/slicing
  • Designed to be bolted to table or stand
  • Heavy duty motor and razor sharp blades ensure an even and quick cutting

An absolute must for anyone making biltong in reasonably large quantities.

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