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Welcome to the land of Biltong, Boerewors, Potjiekos & lovely South African recipes

Making quality Biltong requires little know-how and is much easier than most people realize.
On our web site you will find out exactly how to make perfect Biltong!

On this Web Site you will find lots of interesting information about Biltong, its history, how to make it,  biltong recipesbiltong spices and lots of other things!
In addition to this you will find everything you want to know about boerewors, droewors, potjiekos as well as lovely traditional South African recipes and spices.

Amongst other things you will find useful information of the different types of Biltong Makers that are available. There are also recipes for Biltong, Boerewors and Potjiekos as well as some incredible “Easy-to-do” Nice ‘n Spicy recipes.

If you have any questions about South African foods such as recipes, preparation and ‘you name it’, please email us and we will try our utmost to be of help to you.

Also check our new and upcoming BLOG that will have a host of information and interesting articles and can also put you in touch with other South Africans around the world
It is also much fun and even educational to scrounge around our “Old Newsletters Archive” from the beginning of the century.
We used to publish one almost every month for the better part of 10 years

We are expanding this site on an ongoing basis to accommodate an ever-increasing need for traditional South African delights and will always welcome your input as to what you miss most.
If you have a request for anything from good old SA, this is the place to ask for it!

So, here you go, enjoy it!