Please read this carefully and save money!!!

BILTONGMAKERS have available two pre-mixed Biltong Spices.

• The normal Safari Biltong Spice, which is a complete mix of all the spices you need to make biltong.
• Our Safari Chilli Bite Spice. This is the same spice as the standard Safari Spice but with a chilli mix in it as well.

A sample of the standard Safari Biltong Spice (100 grams) is included in the purchase of your Biltong Maker.
This packet of sample spice is enough to make your first 2 or 3 batches and should be used in conjunction with the QUICK BILTONG (link to recipe) recipe in the recipe/instruction booklet that comes with the Biltong Maker.

(Also refer to Quick Biltong in our recipe section.)

If you like working with this spice (it makes excellent Biltong!)and you run out of it you can always order additional packets from our on-line shop.

Since there is a standard shipping charge for all items sent overseas it is less expensive to order additional spice with your order for the Biltong Maker. That way you only pay for the additional weight of the spice.

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