Here are some of the more frequently asked questions from Biltong Makers around the world

Some of the questions listed below, and the answers thereto, pertain more specifically to owners and prospective owners of the HOME BILTONG MAKER, but anyone who makes Biltong at home may find answers to questions of their own.

Q. Whenever I make Biltong you need a set of false teeth to get through the first bite. What to do?
A. The secret of soft and succulent Biltong lies in the quality of the meat. The better the quality of the meat, the better the Biltong!

Q. What is the Biltong Maker made of?
A. Our Home Biltong makers are made of a 4mm thick ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is part of the thermoplastic polymer family.  It is a material commonly used for the inside of deep freezers and refrigerators.  It is food processing friendly.

Q. When I switch the BILTONG BUDDY Home Biltong Maker on there is no sound, how do I know it is working?
A. One of the advantages of the BILTONG BUDDY is that it is completely silent during operation. You will know that it is functioning by the switch indicator light or by touching the bottom of the appliance about 10 minutes after you have switched it on. A slight warmth will indicate that it is working.

Q. How much weight does meat lose before it becomes Biltong?
A. During the drying process meat loses weight as it looses moisture. The amount of weight loss depends entirely on how “wet” or “dry” the Biltong Lover prefers the end product. For those who prefer Biltong so dry that it flakes into dust when breaking it into portions will experience much greater loss of weight than those preferring it “wet and fatty”.
A rule of thumb guesstimate is a loss of about 50%+.

Q. Something is wrong. The meat I have hung for a few days is becoming covered in “white fluff”. What is this?
A. This is know as ‘MOLD’. Please read through the “MOLD” section in the “HINTS & TIPS” page. Just remember, if the weather is hot and humid, slice your meat as thinly as possible and hang smaller batches at the time. This quickens the drying period.

Q. Apart from meat and sausage, can I dry anything else in the Home Biltong Maker.
A. Yes of course!
You can dry anything from fish to chicken, seaweed strips to calamari (octopus)etc. Many people have successfully dried fruit such as banana, apple, apricots and pears in the HBM.
Cut the fruit into strips or rings, connect together with small paper clips and hang in the HBM. Perfect dried fruit in a couple of days!

Q. I ran out of your Biltong Spice mix. Where can I buy more?
A. From us of course (who else?).
The price is normally R 115.00 per 500 gram. Sometimes we have special pricing so just keep on checking the on-line shop.

Please use the currency converter above to see what it would cost you in your currency.

Q. My meat has been hanging in the HBM for days and is still as moist as the day I hung it. Why?
A. Is you machine plugged in and switched on???? (embarrassing but it happens!)
If, however, it is plugged in and switched on and is emitting no warmth at the base, it is our problem (embarrassing but it has happened-once!)  Please contact us and we will make amends.

Do you have any questions of your own?

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