The Biltong Buddy (2kg) Home Biltong Maker 220-240 volt


R2K-2kg Home Biltong Maker (220 volt)

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The “BILTONG BUDDY” Home Biltong Maker has been on the market in its various models since 1995.  Some customers still use the models made in the late 1990’s!!

The Buddy is a kitchen appliance made of a rigid 4mm thick ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) commonly used material for the insides of refrigerators and freezers.

The “BILTONG BUDDY” comes fully assembled, only weighs 2.3kg and measures 14x30x28cm.
Packed in a protective layer in its box it measures 43x38x23cm with a weight of 2.7kg.
It can take 2kg of wet meat at a time.

The all-new “BILTONG BUDDY Mk-VI” operates on the principle of air circulation and heat, generated by a specially designed heating element situated at the bottom of the machine. This element produces only the slightest amount of heat whilst generating the airflow to dry the meat.

This Biltong Maker is very easy to operate. Simply follow the instructions carefully and you will have Biltong, just the way you like it, within 3-5 days. (Depending on how wet or dry you prefer it)

Just cut the meat, marinate and spice it according to taste and hang it inside the machine on the hangers supplied (see picture on left), switch on and within a couple of days you will have biltong!

The Biltong Buddy comes in a 220-240 volt and 100-120 volt version

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Weight 2.7 kg