Mould Prohibitor – 100 gram


Mould has always been a problem when drying meat, especially so in high humidity climates.

Biltongmakers has now available a Mould Prohibitor that will take care of most of your mould problems. The product is used in minute quantities as follows: For Biltong use: 0,8 – 1g per kg of wet meat. If you make larger quantities of biltong you can dissolve 30g per 750ml of vinegar which is sufficient for 40Kg m of wet meat.

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This product takes the pain out of having to cope with mould.

We have all experienced mould at some stage or the other, especially those people living in high humidity climates.

Our specially formulated Mould Prohibitor takes largely care of this problem.

Just mix .8 or 1 gram of the product with the spices for the batch you are making. Rub these spices all over the meat, let stand for a couple of hours and hang.

Alternatively, marinate your meat in a mixture of vinegar, Worchestershire sauce and the spice for about 3 hours, dry the meat, hang it and voila!

REAL South African Biltong!!

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