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Belgium September 4, 2003 Wow!
It is September already! Here in Belgium the days are getting shorter. It is still dark at 6am when June leaves for work. It is as if it had been a clear-cut decision all along that when August was finished, summer would end. The mornings are becoming nippy and the evenings are not much better. In fact, we were talking about getting the central heating going last weekend!
Anyway, like I have said all along during the summer, give us the winter anytime. The heat has been unbearable the past couple of months. We are looking forward to the autumn. It is always so beautiful with these incredible ever-changing colours on the trees. The Holly Tree next to the house, by the garage, has already some red berries on it. It is a pity they fall off before Christmas because they would make lovely decorations!
The seasons here in Belgium are very defined. You know, and can see, when it is summer, autumn, winter and spring. Each has its own beauty. Well, what has been happening this month?

The introduction of the new RNA-5kg Biltong maker has been incredible. We should have done this a long time ago. I received my own machine from the factory in Johannesburg this month and proceeded making Biltong immediately. It is a pleasure to be able to hang really big pieces of meat to dry! The machine has not been standing still. It takes exactly 4 days for the Biltong to be ready. We then vacuum-pack it at Harry’s, our friendly butcher and put it in the deep freezer. We had to buy a second one to take all the Boerewors so there is now ample space. For those people living in Belgium and Holland I have a little tip. “Stoof vlees” (Stewing meat) is of such quality that it makes excellent Biltong, the pieces are huge and it is cheap too! Just use lots of the pre-mixed biltong spice and let the meat marinade for quite a while, preferably overnight.

And than of course some very good news!

The Traditional 2kg Biltong Maker is available again as from the beginning of September. It has taken a bit longer than expected but while we were waiting for the elements we also made some major changes. The HBM is now manufactured at a new factory and the quality has much improved. So, when you visit the web site (www.biltongmakers.com) you will be able to order again as before.

We have two new people in Johannesburg now.

Trish, who takes care of the despatch and Neil, who is involved in the manufacture of the new improved Traditional Home Biltong maker. Everything is running like clockwork with the only hiccup being that we cannot keep up with the supply of the RNA-5kg model. But, we are working on that. The factory has promised to increase production and we will soon be able to decrease the present lead-time of three weeks to one week.

So, here we are with a brand-new month ahead of us. We still have a couple of functions where we will make Potjiekos in the big Potjie and then that should be finished for the year. A bit too chilly to make a Potjie in the snow! This weekend should be good fun. I have mentioned before that we live close to a little village with the name of Werchter. Every year, around the end of June, they have a three or four day rock festival there. Much like the Glastonbury Festival in England. This weekend they managed to have one extra concert with as the main act the Rolling Stones. Part of their Forty Licks World Tour. When the normal yearly concert is on we can actually sit in the back garden and listen to the music. (A bit of a pain when it carries on till 4 in the morning for 4 days!). When we wanted to get tickets they were of course all sold out! But…, Harry, our friendly butcher has his shop in Werchter, right next to the grounds. I asked him for tickets on the off chance and…he had some!

So, on Sunday Derek, Tony (our two sons) and I will toddle off to the grounds and spend a couple of hours listening to some nostalgia. These grounds are really just a big meadow in amongst farmland. Really beautiful. Well, that was it again from me this month. How about hearing from YOU about what is happening in your part of the world? That would be nice!
Till next month!


As I mentioned above, the introduction of the new RNA 5kg Biltong Maker has been a blast! We should have done this years ago. Please bear with us as far as timely shipping is concerned. We never expected the kind of response that new HBM received. We are working very hard at catching up! Unfortunately the special pricing we had for a short while has come to an end. We are still sticking to the introductory price for a while though so make use of that opportunity and order your machine as soon as possible. Full details about the machine can be found at the link below. http://www.biltongmakers.com/biltong03b_rocky5kg_01.html


Here is some very good news!
The Traditional 2kg Home Biltong maker is back with the first 100 units coming off the production line this week. A lot of people made use of the special facility we placed on the web site to place back-orders. We will now mail these people so they can place their orders as soon as possible. We do expect a bit of a rush but this time we are prepared! There is ample stock for the moment and machines will be shipped within a couple of days from receipt of order. So, for all these people who have been waiting for this the past month or so, place your orders as soon as you can to avoid the initial rush.


During the month of September we will give away 20 special Biltong Storage Bags with every order placed for a Home Biltong Maker. These bags are specifically designed and manufactured to keep the Biltong from “sweating” in the plastic. The bags are full of tiny little holes. When we ordered the bags I got a bit of a shock. I thought that since they used less plastic (it’s holy after all) they might be cheaper. Not so! They were four times the price of the normal vacuum-seal bags we use! Anyway, aren’t our customers worth it?


Here is one we could not resist. Hey, I use an 1875-watt hairdryer at high speed but low temperature setting to blow into my biltong box. Excellent biltong in only 24hrs. No lamps, no fan. Regards, Hugo Forster Hugotrain@aol.com (How do you sleep Hugo? -Ed) (Anyone out there with some real tips for our readers! -Ed)


Every month we receive hundreds of mails from people around the world regarding many issues. A lot of these queries are similar if not identical. In this section we publish the most regular ones. It might help others who have the same questions.

Question: “Dear Biltongmakers Thank you for your recipe for biltong. I reside in London and used your versatile biltong recipe and enjoyed the results very much. I have one question though. I used 3 kg of meat and topped up the recipe accordingly but found the biltong slightly salty. How can I overcome this? Many thanks once again, a superb site ”
Steven Freeman

Instead of fine salt you should use coarse salt or rock salt. Make sure that after marinating the meat you wash all the salt off!

“We made some biltong recently and after three days, when we cut it, there were worms in it! What could be the cause? “Marcha Van Wyk

The answer to this is simply FLIES! We constantly warn everybody about keeping away any flying insects whilst working with the meat as well as during the marinating process. Once a fly settles on the meat it will lay eggs and they do it super fast! These eggs will hatch and you will get your little worms! Keep the meat covered. Spray the kitchen or the area you work in with an insect killer like Doom. Any butcher you visit will have an ultra violet light to keep flies away. They are a menace!


” I am interested in making and selling biltong to shops, friends etc. Is the HBM a worthwhile investment to make if I want to go in this line of industry?” Brendon Lillis Port Elizabeth

Many of our customers are making Biltong continuously to supply their friends and families. There are also many people using more than one Biltong Maker. Some even as many as 10 machines! These people make Biltong to supply bars, shops and clubs. So, the answer is; you can turn your Home Biltong Making into a nice little business!


Every month we receive mails from people who need help with a specific problem. Some of these people we cannot help. This section is devoted to those queries and, with any luck, someone in the world reading this newsletter may be able to help! So, if you have a question or problem please mail us and we will publish it here.

This request came from Edmund Waller from Pretoria: –

“Hi Lo Really enjoyed your Newsletter and would love to continue receiving it. Most important request: I’d love to e-mail South African expats overseas and receive e-mail from them. I therefore require their e-mail addresses. You obviously receive mail from so many! Please mail me all the e-mail addresses you have, even on a weekly basis, bit by bit, and put my e-mail address in your newsletter asking them to contact me. I urgently desire to leave SA, but at age 56, the problem seems to centre on getting a job abroad. After retrenchment in SA it’s impossible to re-enter the job-market, as you well know, despite my qualifications & excellent business consulting & financial management experience. I’ve been battling without help for so long! These famous words are true: it’s not what you know; it’s whom you know! I really need your assistance. Please advise what other info you require from me.”
Kind regards Edmund Waller Pretoria, South Africa +27 (12) 543 1571 or +27 (82) 400 8044 waller1@absamail.co.za (We never give out our customers or any other email addresses we have on our database but anyone who can help Edmund is free to email him-Ed-)


Here is a Guinea Fowl (Tarentaal) Potjiekos recipe from Vishnu Naidoo from Johannesburg. We have tried it and it is really very, very nice!

*- 1 Whole guinea fowl of about 2kg (cut in 5cm pieces)
*- 1/2 Cup cooking oil
*- 2 Onions cleaned and sliced
*- 1 Teaspoon turmeric (borrie)
*- 1 Teaspoon fine black pepper
*- 1 Teaspoon garamasala
*- 2 Tablespoons minced ginger and garlic
*- 3 Whole green chillies pounded
*- 2 Tablespoons curry powder
*- 1 Small bunch of fresh coriander-chopped
*- 4 Curry leaves
*- 2 Bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, elachi, aniseeds, cloves
*- 3 Ripe red tomatoes, chopped (keep the juices)
*- 2 Cups cleaned peas
*- Salt to taste…


*- Take a size three or four Potjie. It does not really matter what size but these would be best suitable.
*- Heat the oil.
*- Add the sliced onions and let it fry until soft.
*- Add the turmeric, the black pepper and stir for a minute or so.
*- Add the curry powder and stir for another 30 seconds.
*- Add the minced ginger, garlic and the pounded chilli and stir again for about 30 seconds until mixed properly.
*- Then add the two cinnamon sticks, 1/2 teaspoon grounded elachi powder, 2 or 3 aniseeds, 3 whole cloves.
*- Immediately add the guinea fowl pieces and stir until all the portions have been mixed with the spices.
*- Add ½ cup of boiling water, the bay leaves, a sprig of curry leaves, the salt and close the lid.
*- Let this whole lot braise for about one hour.
*- After this hour add the tomatoes and garamasala and close the lid again.
*- Be very careful not to put more water, the guinea fowl must be braised dry.
*- Also be careful not to burn the meat. Just add a little water if there is no liquid left.
*- Keep the heat low!
*- Guinea Fowl is pretty tough meat so you can let it go on this low heat for about an hour or two.
*- Once cooked add the peas and the finely chopped fresh coriander.
*- Serve with pap, and a Greek salad.

Believe me this recipe will surprise you, it is a winner! Vishnu Naidoo Kempton Park (Thank you very much Vishnu –Ed) –How about YOUR favourite recipe everyone?


“Beste Biltongmakers, Moenie vergeet om in die volgende epos te noem dat die Biltongmaker ook lekker droë wors maak. Ons het ‘n slagter in Bisley, Surrey, wat al goed geleer is om SA Boerewors te maak, nou droog ons dit met die Biltongmaker wat ons verlede Kersfees gekoop het, en siedaar, die Engelse heel-jaar winter is nou baie beter met biltong en droë wors heel jaar ! ”

Groete, Daan en Anette Olivier, Hayling Island, Hams, UK. anette@oliviers.freeserve.co.uk –

“Hello Lo I can now finally report that I am an accomplished Boerewors maker. My boeries came out a huge success and gave me quite a feeling of achievement. I didn’t have to experiment too much to get the correct proportions (for our own taste, of course), and found that using a mix of 40% Pork, 40% Lamb and 20% beef makes a delicious wors. Many thanks again for your assistance with the Boeries. ”
Best regards Mercia Bucharest mercia@rdslink.ro

“Lo Very pleased as my first batch came out GREAT!!!. Here is Chicago; it is difficult to explain to a butcher what the final result might be, when it comes to biltong! The fact that I landed up at the butcher store after 6pm (when no one is there to actually CUT the meat didn’t help either!!) But I picked up some FAIR grade thinly sliced pepper steak (about 3mm thick) and bought 0.5lb(0.25 Kg) – I put my order in for 1/3” thick meat for the next day pickup (now it’s the next day – I picked it up and it’s F$%^&*G 3mm thin again, no-wonder my wife wants to come back to SA!!) Anyway back to the story. I used your Quick biltong recipe and in 24hrs had really great, really good, SA tong – or what we would call “bites” – even my 5yr old daughter and 3 yr old son took part and enjoyed. Thanks Only some constructive criticism would be…the unit could be a little bigger to handle larger quantities!! The price is right though…I’ve since seen “Billies Biltong Maker”(at R2500 if purchased from USA) and although it might offer some additional features…I think your price is a lot more reasonable. I’ve been out of SA for 5 yrs now, and you’ve made the way to me making my own tong…. I feel like a child that has achieved enormous things!! The HBM is GREAT and works well for me. Enough from me now Thanks again – loving it…might even send you a picture or two of some final tong! Go well ”

Christian Chicago cpleroux@att.net (A big thanks to all of you for your nice comments.
This will keep us going again for a while! -Ed)


It’s so nice to hear from other people. Here is an anecdote we receive quite a while ago. I just re-discovered it today and like to share it with you.

” Hello to the Biltong Team and all its members! Thank you for this terrific newsletter! I find it most interesting, and its good to hear from other fellow South African’s around the world. Here is something to make you laugh! Lets call it… “WALK IN ANOTHER (WO)MAN’S SHOES”….. Just want to share this experience my children and I had last year during their July summer vacation. We were pretty bored with life, as Dad was away…and bright spark got an idea. I ask my daughter (13) to fetch her long blonde wig, and asked my son (17) to put it on. He looked at me rather confused, but after I promised both of them we would have fun that night, he put the wig on. I had a thought…the Arab men all chase after you when you are blonde, and its high time to get them back! We went for a joy ride, with my son wearing the wig, on the Gulf Road here in Kuwait, and the timing was perfect. All the guys were cruising along in their sports cars etc. and when they noticed the longhaired blonde sitting next to me, got all excited, and next thing, started to follow us! I told my son please hide your dark eyebrows and don’t look at them! Well needless to say, by the time we reached the Ras-Salmiyah traffic circle, we had caused a traffic jam! I wish you all could have seen their reaction to this “blonde”!! I had cars on either side boxing me in, behind and in front, showing that the blonde had captured their hearts quickly!! We were in stitches with all these guys after this blonde! At the traffic lights, we were asked to please stop; they wanted to talk to the “blonde”!! My son got very embarrassed, and kept saying: “I am not into this at all, I want to remove it!” But we were laughing so much, and enjoying the reaction that was caused by this blonde!! There and then, my son realized what his mom and so many other expat ladies go through, living in a country where sexual segregation causes such behaviour! Now he appreciates it when I get upset by followers on the road!! One thing is for sure; I was one up on them!! P.S. Leon Schuster may just have met his match!! Hope you all enjoyed this!”

Kindest regards, Carrie Britz Kuwait City carrie@wahanet.com


As promised here is the third and last part of the “Afrikaans” slang so often used. It comes from our friend Mark in Jamaica. Some of you have probably read this before but I find it fascinating nevertheless.



This is an Afrikaans word meaning “brother” which is shared by all language groups. Pronounced, “boot” as in “foot”, it can be applied to non-brother. For instance a father can call his son “boet” and friends can apply the term to each other too. Sometimes the diminutive “boetie” is used. But don’t use either with someone you hardly know – it will be thought patronizing. PASOP—-From the Afrikaans phrase meaning “Watch Out!” this warning is used and heeded by all language groups. As in: “Your ma hasn’t had her morning coffee yet Boet-so pasop and stay out of her way.” Sometimes just the word “pasop!” is enough without further explanation. Everyone knows it sets out a line in the sand not to be crossed.


Literally “kick, shoot and thunder” in Afrikaans, this phrase is used by many English speakers to describe action movies or any activity, which is lively and somewhat primitive. Clint Eastwood is always good for a skop, skiet en donner flick.


In a country with a strong agricultural tradition, it is not surprising that farming words crop up (pun intended) in general conversation. Thus to graze means to eat. If you are invited to a bioscope show, you may be asked: “Do you want to catch a graze now now?”


This is what you do when you lie on the beach pretending to study for your matric exams. The Brits, who have their own odd phrases, say they are getting “bronzed”. Nature has always been unkind to South African schoolchildren, providing beach and swimming pool weather just when they should be swotting for the mid-summer finals. If you spend too much time catching a tan at exam time, you could end up catching a sharp klap from your pa.


To rock up some place is to just sort of arrive. You don’t make an appointment or tell anyone you are coming – you just rock up. Friends can do that but you have to be selective about it. You can’t just rock up for a job interview or at a five-star restaurant. You give them a bell first – then you can rock up.


To scale something is to steal it. A person who is “scaly” is not nice, a scumbag, and should be left off the Christmas party invitation list.


“Yes No” in English. This expression’s origin is believed to be when a family member starts talking politics (what else do we talk about in South Africa??) and you don’t want to cause a political argument and get klapped or donnerred, then every now and again you mutter “Ja Nee”. (Thanks a lot for your input Mark; what are you doing back in SA?-Ed-) –


The answers to the questions for August were:
* Question 1: PST Rigid Styrene
* Question 2: A 40-watt globe
* Question 3: Rockey’s New Age Most of the 18156 people who entered had the answers right!


The winner of the August competition is Michael Tillman from Melbourne in Australia. Well done and CONGRATULATIONS Michael, your New RNA-5kg Biltong Maker is on its way to you and you will join the many other Biltong Makers in Australia already using the new RNA-5kg Home Biltong maker! PLEASE REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING

The monthly draw or competition is totally free to everyone. You can enter as many times as you like. You can only enter via the Competition page on the Biltongmakers web site. All prizes are sent to the winners free of charge.


= As the prize for the September competition we have a real South African Falkirk size 4 Potjie Pot! A lot of people have been asking to have this as a prize again so….why not? On the competition page you can see a picture of a size 100 Potjie. Don’t for one moment think that this is what you will win because it isn’t! We just put it on the site for fun and for all to have a look at. A pretty impressive sight when you see it in real life! Just visit our home page and click on one of the two competition links. The winner of the September competition will be notified by email.


We have some great prizes lined up for this year. * Biltongmakers

* Biltong spices
* Boerewors spices
* Braai tool sets
* Potjie Pots
* Barbecues
* More Cadac Skottel Braais and………. much, much more!!! So, don’t wait! You can enter right now by going to www.biltongmakers.com and clicking on the COMPETITION link. –


Just to remind you that you can now purchase any of the items on the Biltongmakers web site on your credit card budget account. We see that more and more of our customers are choosing this way of purchasing. So, if you hesitated in the past you can now click on our website link www.biltongmakers.com and follow the order placing procedure. It’s as easy as that!


Lots of people wrote to us this month. Please remember that if you have something interesting to tell, a nice recipe to part with or perhaps a question to ask, it would be nice to hear from you! Perhaps you have some advise to give? You never know how you could help somebody else with your own hints and tips. Of course it does not have to be about Biltong or food. Anything that is of interest is welcome! Share it with other people around the world! –


We are at last organized!! With an additional deep freezer and Harry, our friendly butcher helping us along, we now have ample Boeries to help a lot of people! Just remember that we have the “Beef and Pork” as well as the “Beef Only” version as well for those people who don’t eat pork! The price is € 8.00 per kilogram. You can mail us at info@biltongmakers.com for details or phone Lo at +32-16-53.96.25.

Till next month! THE BILTONG TEAM Lo Subscribing and un-subscribing

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