Traditional Boerewors Recipe
  • 1kg beef
  • 1kg Mutton
  • 1kg Vealor Lean Pork
  • 500g Spek(firm pork fat from under the skin).
  • 25ml Salt
  • 5ml ground Black Pepper
  • 15ml Corriander singed and ground
  • 1ml Ground Cloves
  • 2ml Nutmeg Powder
  • 125ml Brown Vinegar
  • 25ml Brandy(optional)
  • 25ml Masala(optional)
  • 200g Wide Sausage Casing
  1. Cube all meat and spek.
  2. Mix together thoroughly and mince coarsely.
  3. Place meat in large bowl.
  4. Add all dry spices, vinegar and brandy (if used).
  5. Add all dry spices, vinegar and brandy (if used).
  6. Place in fridge for +/- 2 hours to blend flavours.
  7. Soak casings in water during this period.
  8. Fit casings to sausage maker and fill with mixture.
  9. Do not over- or under-stuff.
Recipe Notes


Many purists prefer not to add the cubed spek with the meat before mincing.
They prefer to add it during the mixing process.
In this case make sure that your spek is finely cubed.


In the biltong makers thin sausages will take 3-4 days to dry.
Under the rafters it will take longer and watch out for the flies!