Queensland Boerewors
Here is a great recipe for Boerewors by Nico Botha from the far Outback of Australia. Follow this recipe carefully and you will have mouthwatering boeries!! I have been living here in Aussie for a few years now. Boerewors is a must for our family as we are addicted to our Heritage. I would like to share this recipe with all of you and I am sure it will be a winner with a lot of Boertjies around the world!
  • 5 kg Rump(lekker cheap here in Far North Queensland)
  • 5kg Mutton(lekker medium vet skaap)
  • 5kg Pork(no fat)
  • 1.5kg Bacon Shanks(or any type of bacon) – cut and diced into cubes
  • 100ml Salt(sea salt)
  • 75ml Coriander(roasted in the oven)
  • 5-8ml Cloves
  • 30ml McCormick Bush Spices(This is an Aussie all purpose spice mix)
  • 12ml Nutmeg Powder
  • 35ml Seasoned Black Pepper(fine)
  • 625ml vintage Balsamic vinegar
  • 2-3tots Klipdrift Brandy If available, or Napoleon Brandy (The Aussie equvalent to “Klippies”
  • 6 Sweet Over ripe Queensland Tomatoes“soet tamaties”
  • 4 Large Australian Brown onions.
  • 4 Garlic Cloves
  1. Blend the “Boere Geheime” (top secret) into a pulp and add all the spices and wet stuff to the pulp. Mix well and rest the pulp for 20 minutes. If you love green onions, cut 5 of these onions into thin bits, add them to the meat and let it rest! This is optional !
  2. Now, add the pulp to the meat, mix well and rest the mixture for 30 minutes. Stick a patty in the pan, taste, smile, have a beer, crack a joke, tell a jagstorie or two, or a fishing story!
Recipe Notes

Your casings must be well soaked from the night before, wash them well.
Do not over stuff skins be gentle!!!
Unpack your bit of “Africana”, your worsstopper from back home, en laat waai!!

This is a winner braai after braai !

OK Mates, now you have my life secret!!

This is a receipe that will bring tears to your eyes when you and your mates sit in the shed checking the Rugby on the kassie and having a “sluk” of a cold one with a Boerewors roll in the other hand!

Mooi loop!