Burgher Boerewors Recipe
Burgher Boerewors Recipe This Boerewors is made according to a very old South African recipe. The result is a wors that tastes just the way it did in the time of the Voortrekkers (or so they say). Burgher wors has its own unique taste and it very much favoured as a “braai” wors. It can be made with the pre-mixed spices available on this web site. It is quick and easy and tastes great! The ingredients below are for making 20.75 kg of wors.
  • 12kg beef(70% meat and 30% fat)
  • 6kg Pork (50% meat and 50% fat or spek)
  • 1/2l Vingegar(5%)
  • 1/2kg Rusk
  • 1l Cold water
  • 1/2kg Burgher wors spice.
  • 1/4l Worcester sauce
  • Some thick (and/or thin) casings.
  1. Mince all the meat and fat (or have it done at your butcher).
  2. Put all the minced meat in a large container.
  3. Break up the rusk and mix well in with the meat.
  4. Add the water, vinegar, worcester sauce and the spice and mix well.
  5. Add the water, vinegar, worcester sauce and the spice and mix well.
  6. Soak the casings in water during this period.
  7. Fry a little of the mixture in a pan to try the taste.
  8. Fit casings to sausage maker (or use a large funnel) and fill with mixture.
  9. Do not over or under-stuff.
Recipe Notes


Many purists prefer not to add the cubed spek with the meat before mincing.
They prefer to add it during the mixing process.
In this case make sure that your spek is finely cubed.


In the biltong maker thin sausages will take 3-4 days to dry.
Under the rafters it will take longer and watch out for the flies!