Botched Biltong
Here is what Brian Stokes from Australia does with with his botched Biltong. Sounds excellent! Brian says: “I ran out of rock (coarse) salt halfway through preparing my first batch of Biltong. I substituted table salt on some pieces! Bad idea!! Table salt sticks to the strips better than Rock Salt does, making them far too salty. Oh well, I found a good use for it in a portable, high-energy food for hiking, camping or for that extra burst of vigour you need while watching TV!” Here is what I did:
  • 1cup oversalted Biltong(Shredded)
  • 3cups salted peanuts
  • 1 cup seedles datescut into peanut sized bits
  • 1cup smoke flavoured almonds
  • 375g package dark chocolate chips(i.e. for baking)
  1. Cut the oversalted Biltong into 2×2 mm strips and make a “trail mix”
  2. Mix in a large plastic container
  3. Seal and shake vigorously to spread the excess salt from the peanuts and the smoke flavour from the almonds throughout the mix.
  4. The excess salt from the Biltong won’t be noticed with all the other flavours going on.
Recipe Notes

Even well finished Biltong, cut into thumbnail sized chips is terrific in this snack mix.


Highly addictive. We can polish off kilos of this stuff in front of the TV!