Sosatie Boerewors Spice (500 gram)


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Sosatie Boerewors Spice

Until I tasted sosatie wors (made with sosatie boerewors spice), soon after moving to Cradock in the Eastern Cape, I had thought boerewors was unassailable in its status as the greatest South African sausage.

But this wors is a delight to the palate, maddeningly moreish, and potentially addictive. Redolent of a Cape Malay kitchen where chutney is king, borrie (turmeric) is queen and everyone pays obeisance to Ma’s cooking, this spicy sausage is packed with sweetly curried flavour.

A little online research reveals that there is no great tradition of sosatie wors. There are a few local sausage manufacturers who include it in their product ranges. Crown National’s is the one I buy, and Freddy Hirsh’s spice range includes a “quick mix” sosatie boerewors wors spice. It also shows that Australians have taken to sosatie boerewors wors, a number of suppliers there boasting of its sweetly spicy appeal.

It’s not a sosatie at all, but a coil of sausage that has flavours reminiscent of a sosatie grilled on the braai. It tastes of curry spices and chutney, and is superbly juicy!

It I were to make it, I would use turmeric, chutney, a mild masala, ground coriander seeds, salt and a little pepper. Perhaps a little chopped fresh dhania (coriander leaves) to finish it off. And you could add to the moistness by roasting red capsicum (bell pepper), removing the skin, removing the seeds and adding the remaining pulp to the sausage mince.

Try treating sosatie wors the way you eat good old bangers ’n mash.
Click here for the recipe.

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