Welcome to the Nice ‘n Spicy section of our web site!

The lazy man’s way to fantastic Potjiekos or do it in the kitchen on the stove!! Here we have some easy to prepare connoisseur curries, Potjies and other popular dishes for you to surprise your family, friends and of course yourself!

For each dish we have a packet of – “EASY TO MAKE RECIPES” – complete with all the SPICES you need.

The Step-by-Step recipe/spice packages contain: All the spices you need for a single cooking of 4 or more servings Easy to follow Step-by-Step instructions on the back of each packet.

A complete list of all the required ingredients Advice on how to reduce the “heat” of certain dishes for those with milder taste buds

It has never been so easy to prepare some typical South African dishes at a very affordable price!

A full selection of the above spices (and three more!) is now available at the special price of R 45.00 (for a limited period only, normal price R 55.00)

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