Hello everybody!

Some of you may be wondering whatever happened to our newsletter for May! Well, what a couple of weeks it has been. They finally managed to sort out our computer systems but in the process lost our entire mailing list! Luckily we still had all the information but it took a good couple of weeks to get it all back together again. A good lesson learned. Back up whatever you can even if you don’t think it to be important!


We once again thank all of you who wrote to us during the past couple of weeks. It’s nice to hear from so many people. Please remember that your contributions are always welcome so please let us know what is happening in your part of the world. Perhaps you have a special anecdote or want to tell us about one or the other experience. We read it all and really look forward to all mails.


The good news from the factory in Johannesburg is that they are catching up fast with the backlog of shipping that had to be done. Another couple of weeks and they will be entirely up to date. The shipment of the wrong elements from Germany really put a big spoke in the wheel! We thank all our customers who have been waiting patiently (some not so but we can’t blame them!) for their orders to arrive. Those who are still waiting must be rest assured that all arrear orders will have left Johannesburg in the next two weeks. The bad news is that Kel has taken ill and is in hospital at the moment. The doctors are still doing tests so we don’t know what is wrong yet. Hopefully it is not something very serious. We all wish him a speedy recovery!


Summer has finally arrived with temperatures soaring close to 30C!

Last Wednesday evening I was mowing the lawn at the back till 9pm with the rest of the garden done the next day.

I always leave it too long and then end up spending hours to get it right again. It’s nice when it is done though. The flowers are in the window boxes and we even put some boxes with hanging geraniums in the gutters. It looks stunning!

We are having a long weekend at the moment and decided to stay at home. Looking at the television pictures of what is happening on the roads we are glad we did.

Last month we celebrated South Africa’s Freedom Day in Brussels. The South African Embassy had organized a venue where all kinds of nice South African goodies were displayed.

The theme this year was “The Limpopo Province”. It was nice to see all those people from Venda in their traditional dresses doing their dancing.

They even had the Three South African Tenors performing! It goes without saying that the Boerewors Rolls were a hit as always!

Last Saturday we did the annual catering for the Antwerp Cricket club. Since it was overcast and rainy we decided not to do a lamb on the spit like last year but a big Potjie. So, Derek (my eldest son) and his partner came on the Friday to collect this enormous lump of cast iron in the form of our size 25 Potjie! June, at the ready as always, made a chicken Potjie that was received with great enthusiasm by the hundred or so people that attended. Of course the Boerewors was as popular as ever with over 20kg cooked on our gas braai.

Next month we have the South African day in Luxembourg and if last year is anything to go by it should be a lot of fun again. Well, that’s it from us this time. We will let you know about other happenings in next month’s newsletter.


“Hello Lo I can now finally report that I am an accomplished Boerewors maker. My Boeries came out a huge success and gave me quite a feeling of achievement. I didn’t have to experiment too much to get the correct proportions (for our own taste, of course), and found that using a mix of 40% Pork, 40% Lamb and 20% beef makes a delicious wors.

I see that you report that spring is in the air in Belgium. Just when we thought things were warming up a little in Bucharest we had a serious dump of snow and the thermometer plummeted. Hopefully spring will arrive here soon. Many thanks again for your assistance with the Boeries.

Best regards Mercia (Romania) mercia@rdslink.ro

” G’day Kel,

Well I finally received my biltong machine (was stuck at customs) and immediately gave it a test run. What a success!! My South African mate reckoned it was superb. Naturally it didn’t last long so the next batch is on the way!”

Regards from Australia Pete McCowatt (Australia) petemac@acay.com.au

” Hi Lo Daai boks werk brill! Ek het in die Karoo groot geraak en ken biltong en het al Kgs en Kgs gemaak. Julle produk is Nr1 man. Ek is die man hier rond as dit by Saterdagaand rugby kom en almal kyk dit my huis en eet biltong.”

Cheers Pieter (New Zealand) Pieter.Claassen@airnz.co.nz


The following people who entered their details on our GuestMap have qualified and won 1kg of Biltong Spice each. Monique le Roux from Amanzimtoti Beryl Winters from Melbourne and Guy McDonald from Singapore Your spices have been posted!


The answers to the questions for April were:

Question 1: We started counting visitors to our web site on July 28, 2000

Question 2: The colour of most Cadac products is blue

Question 3: There are 7 Potjiekos recipes on the web site Out of the 6251 entries 5623 people got it right!


The winner of the April competition is Mrs Melody Stevens from Rome. CONGRATULATIONS Melody, your Cadac Skottelbraai is on its way to you! Please let us know what kind of feasts you have prepared for your friends and family on your new braai?


* The monthly draw or competition is totally free to everyone. * You can enter as many times as you like.
* You can only enter via the Competition page on the Biltongmakers web site.
* All prizes are sent to the winners free of charge.


Since there was no newsletter and competition for the month of May we will run the May and June competition together. The May/June competition started some time ago but you still have till the end of June to submit your entries!


The prize for the May/June competition is the incredible OMPA GRILL. This fantastic machine is made out of stainless steel and can be used on any surface because of its unique ash catcher. It makes absolutely no mess and is a real pleasure to use. The OMPA GRILL comes in a handy box with very easy instructions on how to assemble it. The winner of the new competition will be notified by email. Have a look at a picture of the OMPA GRILL on our web site at www.biltongmakers.com!


We have some great prizes lined up for this year.

* Biltongmakers
* Biltong spices
* Boerewors spices
* Braai tool sets
* Potjie Pots
* Barbecues
* More Cadac Skottel Braais and………. much, much more!!! So, don’t wait! You can enter right now by going to www.biltongmakers.com and clicking on the COMPETITION link.


The streamlining of our customer service seems to be working. Below is just a reminder of what we implemented in April. Our marketing office always answers all customer queries within 24 hours. However, shipping queries normally take longer because we need the relevant information from the factory in Johannesburg where the shipping is done. In order to get immediate answers to your shipping queries, all such queries should be directed directly to Kel Malherbe at the factory in Johannesburg. Kel’s email address is kel@biltongmakers.com. Kel does all the shipping and has all the necessary details at his fingertips. All other queries can be directed to Lo in Belgium at the usual email address info@biltongmakers.com. Queries to that email address will be answered within the normal 24-hour period.


You can now see a video clip of the Biltongmaker in action. Please go to our home page at www.biltongmakers.com and click on the relevant link at the bottom of the page. People with fast and/or broadband connections will get a perfectly clear picture of how the Biltongmaker works and how to make Biltong with it. Others will get a varying degree of clarity depending on the speed of their modem/connection.


Just to remind you that you can now purchase any of the items on the Biltongmakers web site on your credit card budget account. We see that more and more of our customers are choosing this way of purchasing. So, if you hesitated in the past you can now click on our website link www.biltongmakers.com and follow the order placing procedure. It’s as easy as that!


It would be nice to hear from you and your experiences in making Biltong or any other yummy dish for that matter. You never know how you could help somebody else with your own hints and tips. Of course it does not have to be about Biltong or food. Anything that is of interest is welcome! Share it with other people around the world!


We have gone through about 350kg of Boerewors so far this season. If it carries on like this we will have to import more spices from Johannesburg. I am seriously thinking of investing in a “bin filler”. The little Kenwood is getting very tired of making 60kg of Boeries at a time! But, we have fresh stock again for anyone who is craving it badly enough to drive out to Keerbergen to collect! The Boeries is still priced at € 7.00 per kilogram. You can mail us at info@biltongmakers.com for details or phone Lo at the telephone numbers you find on our web site under the “contacts” link. Till next month!


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