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The information and contributions contained in this newsletter are received from various readers local and international. Views and opinions reflected in our newsletter are not necessarily those of Biltongmakers.Com and its team members.


Henry watched from the shoreline at Portsmouth as the pride of his fleet turned to go into battle.
It was early in the morning on July 19th, 1545 when Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose went in to battle against the French Fleet, just off the shores of Portsmouth.

Then, as she turned, there was a sudden gust of wind or perhaps she turned too sharply taking on water through her port holes. Whatever the cause, as she turned, she capsized and sank!
With her almost the entire compliment of sailors, gunners and soldiers perished.

Nothing was ever seen of her again until ….

It was another quiet morning. It was October 11th, 1982. There was a large crowd gathered along the shore at Portsmouth and, as they looked out over the Solent, just like Henry VIII had done so many years ago, they were the first to see the Mary Rose rise from her watery grave where she had lain for almost 437 years!

Today she lies in a large hall, behind glass walls, at the historic dockyard in Portsmouth, constantly being sprayed with a solution that, it is hoped, will preserve her for ever.

That is where I saw her a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I am sure that most of us have heard about the Mary Rose. Some of us may remember the day she was brought back to the surface from the waters just of the shores of Portsmouth, that October day back in 1982.

But, nothing prepares one for the breathtaking and eerie beauty of what is left of her when you walk into that hall.

There is a deathly silence all around.

She is so delicate that, even though she is behind glass you cannot take flash photographs for fear of doing harm to her.

Looking at her lying there you are transported back to that day, almost 437 years ago, when she sunk. You can almost hear the gasps of the crowds on the shore and see the look of shock and credulity on the face of Henry VIII.

Whenever you have a chance you should go and see her. It is certainly worth the trip.

In the mean time, click here to read her story and see all the pictures!

Now, after this (to me at least) fascinating bit of history let’s get back to the present.

To me there is nothing better than the smell of a braai! I can just hang over the fire and inhale those incredible fumes and smells of wood burning and meat cooking.

When June and I are on our own we now use one of these “throwaway” little braais. They work like a charm for just two people and you don’t have the hassle of cleaning up afterwards!

The big advantage is that you can have a braai every single day providing you have a bit of good weather of course. And that is something we have not seen much of in Belgium this year so far.

Mind you, last weekend was great. Blazing sun with absolutely no wind and temperatures at the back of the house went up as high as 36C!!

We hope to get away towards the end of September for a couple of weeks. Apart from it being too busy at Biltongmakers.Com at the moment it will also be nice and quiet then in most holiday places because the schools will have started again.

I can’t stand full beaches.
I suppose that no-one who has experienced the solitude and pure joy of stretches of white beaches going on for miles and miles with only the occasional people around will never get used to being packed like sardines in a can like I have seen at some of the holiday resorts in Spain, France and Italy.

Anyway, until such time we’ll just have the occasional weekend away.

Next week Paris and the weekend after that the yearly Mussels fest at Yerseke in Holland. We went there last year and that was good fun.
Scores of people out on the mussels boats, loads of beer flowing and eat as many mussels as you can!

But more about that the next time.

Till then, take care,


“I have learnt my lesson, I asked God to make me a millionaire, but I forgot to state the currency!”
-Anonymous Zimbabwean citizen-

“You can’t have everything! Where would you put it?”
-Steven Wright-

Stand still for a moment… top

The Secret behind the number 11 – Pretty Chilling

Do yourself a favour and read this to the bottom.
Try it out. I did and I got goose bumps!
If you are a skeptical person – still read on as it’s actually very interesting!

This is actually really freaky!! (Mainly the end part, but read it first)

  • New York City has 11 letters
  • Afghanistan has 11 letters.
  • Ramsin Yuseb has 11 letters. (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993)
  • George W Bush has 11 letters.

This could be a mere coincidence, but this gets interesting

  • New York is the 11th state.
  • The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11.
  • Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers – 9+2=11
  • Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers – 6+5=11
  • The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known – 9+1+1=11
  • The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911 – 9+1+1=11

Sheer coincidence? Read on and make up your own mind!

  • The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254 – 2+5+4=11
  • September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year – 2+5+4=11
  • The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004 – 3+1+1+2+4=11
  • The tragedy of Madrid happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident.

Now this is where things get totally eerie

The most recognized symbol for the US, after the Stars & Stripes, is the Eagle. The following verse is taken from the Koran, the Islamic holy book:

“For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced: for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace.”

That verse is number 9.11 of the Koran.

Unconvinced about all of this Still?

Try this and see how you feel afterwards, it made my hair stand on end.

  • Open Microsoft Word and do the following:
  • Type in capitals Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane to hit one of the Twin Towers.
  • Highlight the Q33 NY.
  • Change the font size to 48.
  • Change the actual font to the WINGDINGS 1

What do you think now?!!

Story of the month top

You know what?

I have traveled the world and am always on the look-out for some really nice bacon and pork sausages to take back home.
We have scoured the shelves of most department stores in England from Marks and Spencers to Waitrose. We have been to butchers, we have tried it ourselves but never ever have I come across a pork sausage as nice as an ESKORT pork sausage.

And I promise you I did NOT get paid to say this!

Anyone who traveled the road from Johannesburg to Durban knows the ESKORT butcher there, next to the road between Johannesburg and Durban.

We have never traveled that road without stopping for a nice pork belly, some bacon and, of course, the famous pork sausages!

Well, ESKORT is 90 years old this year and I thought it worth a mention.

Certainly my Sunday mornings have never been the same without a rashers or two, or six of ESKORT bacon and some of their sausages.

Here is their story in short ……

In mid 1917 a group of nine people gathered in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, to discuss the establishment of a Bacon curing factory in the area. By August 1917 the Farmer’s Co-operative Bacon Factory Limited was founded and building started on the banks of the Bushman’s River in Estcourt.

The factory was officially opened on 6 June 1918 by General Louis Botha. Thrupps of Johannesburg became one of the Co-operative’s first large clients to whom bacon was sold.

In June 1919 the S.S. Saxon carried the first Bacon exports to the United Kingdom which were excellently received by that market. In 1920 the fledgling Co-operative was awarded a Gold and Silver Medal from the British Dairy Farmers Association at the London Dairy Show (the acknowledged Bacon Show of the World).

That same year the manufacture of the now famous ESKORT Gold Medal Pork Sausages commenced and the Co-operatives’ continued marketing of excellent products were rewarded with the third successive wins in the Export Hams and Bacon categories at the 1922 Rand Easter Show.

Tragedy struck in 1925 when a fire caused extensive damage to the factory and production was temporarily relocated to Nel’s Rust Dairy Limited in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Despite the setback the Company gained the high honour of winning the top three prizes at the 1926 London Dairy Show.

During the Second World War over 1 million tins of sausages were supplied to the Allied forces all over the world and over 12 tonnes of bacon per week was supplied to convoys calling at Durban Harbour.

World War II Advert
“After having travelled 17,460 miles we still have to find bacon and pork sausages as good and as popular as ESTCOURT.”
Mr and Mrs Williams, S.A.World Walkers
 The Golden Jubilee Year of 1967 was celebrated with plans for additional expansion at both Estcourt and Heidelberg which was continued vigorously to see Eskort become the single largest brand in the South African Processed Meat Industry.
The Eskort range of product now extends to over 100 product lines and includes Bacon, Sausages, Viennas, Polonies, Ham, and Cold Meat Loaves.

Early in 1948 plans for a factory in Heidelberg, Gauteng were drawn up. This factory commenced production in September 1954.

The retail Eskort butchery, a favourite shopping stop for travelers between the Reef and Durban was opened in 1951.
In 1992 the Co-operative celebrated 75 years of marketing quality products to the South African and International Markets, as well as being recognised as a major leader in the development of a stable South African Pig Industry.

The Eskort product portfolio has recently been extended into the fresh pork market with products such as Spare Ribs, Bacon Cherry sticks, Marinated Rashers and Smoked Eisbein. Many of these products including Gammons are packed under the labels of South Africa’s leading retailers. Eskort is also a supplier to Wimpy, the historic Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town and produces a range of products endorsed by Weigh-less.

Eskort is also actively involved in the local communities supporting the Shalom Children’s Ministries in Heidelberg, the Bhekuzulu Self Sufficient Project that cares for HIV sufferers, orphans and displaced children in the Estcourt community. Eskort is also the proud sponsor of the Eskort Cavanaugh Marathon. The staff complement at both Estcourt and Heidelberg is in excess of 600 people.

As Eskort prepares to celebrate ninety years of providing South Africans with a range of top quality nutritional products focus will remain firmly in ensuring that the needs of our consumers will be met in every way possible.

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The South African Meat Industry Company,
Samic has very nice meat cutting charts.
Just click on the banner below for lots of interesting information.

Our Home Biltong Makers top

Nothing compares with out Home Biltong Makers ……

Our Home Biltong makers have given many of our customers much joy and happiness and have brought many of them a little of “South Africa back” in their homes.

It is so easy to make your own Biltong and it is ever so cost effective. In fact it only costs you just a fraction of the price you pay in the shop and, what is more important, you can make it just the way YOU like it.

Please read what these people had to say.

Hi Lo,

My mother-in-law, Jenny Winters (an old customer of ours-Ed), brought me a Biltong Buddy last Christmas and I just wanted to say that it has not stood still for even one day!
I just wanted to say that my Biltong is perfect and it’s so easy to make!
Thanks again for a SUPERB machine!
Keep up the good work

Laurie Allsworth
Cape Town, South Africa (08-08-2007)

      Hi Guys,
      I unveiled my first batch of biltong this evening and am so happy to tell you that it was a HUGE success.
      We had a couple of South Africans over for the “first taste test” and they all thought it was a good as the real stuff if not better!
      I am indebted to you for your help throughout the process. I am going to try various types of meat each time because no-one knows what “silverside” or “topside” is.
      In this first batch, I used “top sirloin” which I am told is from the hind quarter of the cow.
      Anyway, I am big hit with all my mates – that is all that counts!
      Cheers for now and thanks again.
      Dan Rankow

Jupiter, Florida, USA



      – Tel: +1 561-346-9900
      Hello Biltong Team!
      Well everything went great and my biltong turned out excellent!
      I work with a South African bloke so he had a try and reckoned it was “the real thing!”
      I’m up for the next lot now so I’m going to check out the recipes again and have a go at something different.
      Thanks again for sharing all your ideas and for all your help!
      Kind Regards
      Neil Webster

Brisbane, Australia



      Hi Biltong Guys!
      WOW ….. our first batch of biltong was great !!!!!
      We have a butcher here in Canada who had a shop in Toronto in a prominent South African area, so he started making wors and biltong, not bad, but not like ours!!
      He had since relocated to our area, much to our delight! To start of our Rockey’s 5kg BILTONG MAKER we made droëwors with his wors and the family consumed it in about four days.
      But when the biltong was ready from the Quick Biltong Recipe it was gone in two days! I had to hide a piece to give to my daughter in Miami, especially as she has shares in the Biltong Maker as my son’s Christmas present.
      Rockey’s Biltongmaker has a permanent place in the kitchen as is working all the time!!
      Thanks for keeping in touch with your News Letters, I do enjoy receiving them, as well as all the future Biltong we will be eating.
      Alles van die beste,
      Dawn Lyell

Coldwater, Ontario, Canada


And so, once again, more and more people keep on telling us how fantastic it is to make your own biltong! Just read about what people are saying (we only started keeping records in 2001) on our customers comments page.

So, to all of you who have not tried it yet, now is the time!


You too could be making your own Biltong in a very short space of time.
Have a look at our Home Biltong Makers and see how easy it is!!

Details on ROCKEY’S 5kg Home Biltong Maker can be found by clicking on this link.

You can have a look at the BILTONG BUDDY here.

This month’s specials top

Special discounts for Special customers!!

Free with all Biltong Maker orders placed

  • 20 special Biltong storage bags
  • A packet of our famous Nice ‘n Spicy spices.

Click here to go to our on-line shop.

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Tips of the month top

What Vodka can do for you!


    • To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The solvent dissolves the adhesive.
    • To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set 5 minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew.
    • To clean your eyeglasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs.
    • Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The vodka disinfects the blade and prevents rusting.
    • Spray vodka on vomit stains, scrub with a brush, then blot dry.
    • Using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores.
    • Add a splash of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo.
    • The alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from hair and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.
    • Fill a 16-ounce trigger-spray bottle and spray bees or wasps to kill them.
    • Pour 1/2 cup vodka and 1/2 cup water in a freezer bag and freeze for a slushy, reusable ice pack for aches, pain or black eyes…
    • Fill a clean, empty jar with freshly packed lavender flowers. Fill the jar with vodka, seal the lid tightly, and set it in the sun for 3 days. Strain liquid, then apply the tincture to aches and pains.
    • Make your own mouthwash by mixing 9 tablespoons powered cinnamon with 1 cup vodka. Seal in an airtight container for 2 weeks. Strain through a coffee filter.
    • Mix with warm water and rinse your mouth. (DON’T SWALLOW!)
    • Using a cotton swab, apply vodka to a cold sore to help it dry out.
    • If blister opens, pour vodka over the raw skin as a local anesthetics that also disinfects the exposed dermis.
    • To treat dandruff, mix 1 cup vodka with 2 teaspoons crushed rosemary. Let sit 2 days, strain through a coffee filter, massage into your scalp and dry.
    • To treat an earache, put a few drops of vodka in your ear. Let sit for a few minutes, then drain. Vodka will kill the bacteria causing pain in your ear.
    • To relieve a fever, use a washcloth to rub vodka on your chest and back as a liniment.
    • To cure foot odor, wash your feet with vodka.
    • Vodka will disinfect and alleviate a jellyfish sting.
    • Pour vodka over an area affected with poison ivy to remove the urushiol oil from your skin.
    • Swish a shot of vodka over an aching tooth. Allow your gums to absorb some of the alcohol to numb the pain.
      And, my personal favorite …

If all else fails, just turn the bottle upside-down and drink it. Then nothing else will matter anyway!Anyway keep up the good work!
Kind regards

Graham Ferreira

(Thank you Graham – I’m gonna try all of them! – Ed)

Our spices are kosher

It will certainly interest our Jewish readers that our biltong spices are certified as being kosher by the Beth Din of Johannesburg. Anyone interested can mail us for a copy of the certification. (new 2007 certification are now available)

South African Meat Cutting Charts

Below you will find three excellent meat cutting charts.

These are displayed with the compliments of SAMIC.
(The South African Meat Industry Company).
SAMIC has a very interesting web site as well as a weekly newsletter about anything to do with the
Meat Industry in South Africa.
Now, don’t think this is a totally boring web site (I thought so first) but it has some very interesting articles and statistics.

Beef Cutting Chart Pork Cutting Chart Lamb Cutting Chart
* * * * Advertisement – Advertisement – Advertisement – Advertisement – Advertisement * * * *

Welcome to Apartment Oberholzer in Vienna, Austria
Our charming Viennese building will make you feel right at home. As our guests’ well-being is a matter close to our hearts, the quiet residence offers every convenience from a microwave, dishwasher and washing machine to Satellite TV.

The Vienna city center is within 10 minutes walking distance. Public transport is right at the Guest house.

Our well-kept, 54 m² newly renovated non-smoking holiday flat is suitable for 1-4 people. It is central, quiet, charming and very reasonably priced.

For further information please see our website www.netland.at/wien/oberholzer

Questions and Answers top

Like every month, here is our regular section on the many questions we receive from our readers all over the world.
If we have not given an answer and you can help these people could you please mail them?
(Please copy us in on your mails @ info@biltongmakers.com
so we can help other people who might have the same questions in the future)


Hi Guys,

I now live in New Zealand – love this newsletter – and long for a good melktert!
Please can someone send me their ‘ultimate” recipe and any other Good ‘ol Afrikaans cake/biscuit recipes.
Love to our homeland,

Moira Cochrane
New Zealand

Good Morning!

Please could you find out for me the correct way to make chicken stixs. I have a little biltong shop in PE and customers always ask me for chicken stixs.
I have a biltong dryer.

Margaret Goodwin
Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Thanks for a great website!
I note that your recipes do not include saltpeter while many others do.
What is saltpeter used for in biltong? What are your views?
Groete from London

London, England


I would like to know if giraffe biltong is any good.

South Africa


Enige wilds resepte vir wors en droëwors sal waardeer word.

Tony de Beer
South Africa


I was wondering if you had a cheese wors recipe

Kevin Hayes
United Kingdom

Stoep Talk top

When reminiscence rears its nostalgic head …
By James Clarke

I try not to reminisce too often in this column for fear of boring the children. But sometimes I can’t help it. Like today when I received via Stella Nosic, formerly of Johannesburg, now living in Toronto, a cascade of nostalgia from South Africans living there.

Another ex-Johannesburger in Canada, Barbara Durlacher, apparently instigated the flurry of e-mails about “old Joeys” from South Africans living in Canada.

The reminiscences are, unfortunately, distinctly white-orientated, and it would be an interesting exercise to collate some black-orientated memories of yesterday’s Johannesburg.

The Canadian list includes:

  • Houses with corrugated iron roofs that increased the winter cold and the summer’s heat.
  • The butcher and the grocer calling for orders.
  • Nelsrust Dairies and the daily deliveries.
  • Rinsing off the cardboard milk caps.
  • The tinkle of the ice-cream guy with his bike – tuppeny lollies.
  • Newtown Market – the auctioneer’s rapid-fire sales and the horse-drawn carts waiting for loads.
  • Sandown’s gentle country life with its stables and horses. Quiet walks in Illovo along sandy, tree-lined roads.
  • Miles of golden grasslands between Joburg and Pretoria.
  • A migrant worker playing a homesick tune on a mbira (finger piano).
  • Eric Egan and early morning “physical jerks”.
  • Wonderful “English” radio serials. Remember the Man in Black?
  • Esme Euvrard, Springbok and Lourenço Marques radio stations.
  • Chanting gangs of labourers digging trenches.
  • Hand-cranked phones and a “party-line”.
  • Stinkwood and Imbuia “ball-and-claw” furniture.
  • Cosmopolitan Hillbrow; cosy Café Kranzler and Viennese coffee and its newspapers on sticks.
  • The designs and colours of Basotho blankets worn by homebound miners walking to Park Station led by an Induna … marching to a song of home, carrying sewing machines, paraffin lamps and Primus stoves.
  • Park Station and the “Blue Room” restaurant.
  • Knitting socks, balaclavas and scarves for the troops.
  • General and Isie Smuts and the “Little Man” lapel pin.
  • The original Wanderers Stadium near Park Station.
  • Cream and red trams and trolley buses – an agile conductor in navy uniform and cap with his silver coin holder, bundle of tickets and hand-punch. Delays while he hooked the electric unit back on the overhead wires with a long bamboo pole hidden underneath the bus.
  • The scent of “Evening in Paris” at your first dance – Lisle stocking, nylons …
  • C-to-C (Cape-to-Cairo) cigarettes – a shilling (1/-) for 30.
  • A penny, a tickey, a shilling (a bob), a half-crown, a florin and a guinea.
  • The Rand Daily Mail.
  • Pink penny stamps with a picture of Britannia – ha-penny if the envelope was open; same-day telegrams – penny a word!
  • Tea-room “bios” with their continuous performances.
  • The Dolls House at midnight, and a double-thick chocolate malt.
  • Eloff Street trams; elegant shops full of imported clothes, handbags and shoes, milliners; Saturday shopping and white-gloved lift-girls: “Going Up!”

And that’s only a fifth of the list Barbara compiled!

(If you get to read this Barbara, please send us some more – magic! – Ed)

Recipe Corner top

Three lovely recipes!

Last month we had a Neck of Mutton Potjie. In this section you will find a recipe for the Pot Bread you serve with the mutton.

But first ….

Dave’s Boerewors Burgers

Dave writes …

I was passing through South Africa in 1979 with the Transglobe Expedition on my way to the Antarctic.
I suffered a bad accident, breaking my leg in many places, and had to stay in Capetown for 8 months.
During my stay I came to love some South African staples, including Boerewors.
I have NOW adapted the recipe to the Canadian way of life and make “Boereworsburgers”

This is what you need …

  • 1¼ lbs lean ground beef
  • 1¼ lbs ground pork
  • ¼ lb pork fat, chopped finely
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp fresh ground mixed pepper
  • 1 Tbsp roasted ground coriander
  • ¼ tsp grated nutmeg
  • 1/8 tsp ground cloves
  • ¼ tsp ground dried thyme
  • ¼ tsp ground allspice
  • 2 Tbsp malt vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 1½ Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

And this is what you do …

  • Mix all together, form into 6-oz burger patties.
  • Cook gently on a barbecue at medium heat.
  • Do not overcook or else they will become too dry.

I have just discovered a new store here in Victoria, British Columbia that is owned by a South African and imports a lot of South African produce. He also makes his own Boerwors, droewors and biltong.
The store is called “Aubergine Fine Produce & Specialty Foods” at 2579 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Love your website!

Dave Peck
Victoria, B.C., Canada


Hierdie potbroodwiele word gemaak van gekoopte brooddeeg wat per kg by die meeste winkels se bakkerye beskikbaar is.

Uit die spens:

  • 1 kg brooddeeg
  • Tamatiepuree na smaak OF blikkie tamatie-en-uiesmoor
  • 1 pakkie bruinuiesoppoeier
  • Knoffel
  • 1 blikkie mossels OF weense worsies (in skyfies gesny) OF gebraaide spekvleis gerasperde cheddarkaas
  • 250ml room

So maak mens:

  • Rol deeg in reghoek en smeer tamatie oor
  • Sprinkel soppoeier en knoffel oor
  • Versprei vleis van jou keuse (mossels of worsies of spek) en kaas oor en rol dit op soos ‘n rolkoek
  • Sny in skywe, plaas in gesmeerde oondpan, gooi room oor en bak vir 45 min teen 180°C
  • Of plaas in swart platboompot en bak in buite-oond (gat in grond met kole om of op ‘n rooster met ‘n omgekeerde appelboks oorgetrek met foelie).

Jy vreet jou vingers af.

Nardus van der Merwe


Hi daar!

Dit is ‘n mieliebrood resep wat ek by my ma gekry het, ek het dit altyd by die huis gebak, maar toe gaan kamp ons en ek probeer dit, en ja dit is lekkerder om die kampvuur met lekker plaasbotter en korrelkonfyt …


  • 500g bruismeel
  • 1/2 teelepel sout
  • 1 koppie melk
  • 2 eiers
  • 1 blikkie geroomde suikermielies 410g
  • Bietjie pietersielie en paprika vir versiering
  • 1 koppie kaas (strooi bo-oor deegmengsel)


  • Smeer die platboom pot goed in met olie sowel as die deksel
  • Meng nou al die bestanddele saam en gooi in swartboompot
  • Dit bak omtrent vir 1 uur oor lae hitte, hou maar net dop.
  • Indien verkies kan ‘n mens groen rissies, bacon, uie, of feta kaas meng voor jy bak.

Elsabe van Zyl

Vetkoek in Skottelbraai

Uit die spens:

  • 2 koppies koekmeel
  • 40ml suiker
  • 10ml bakpoeier
  • knippie sout
  • 2ml gemengde speserye
  • 2ml kaneel
  • 1ml gemaalde naaltjies
  • 2 ekstra groot eiers (geklits)
  • 250ml kookwater
  • 30g rosyne of korente
  • olie vir diepbraai

So maak mens:

  • Sif droë bestanddele saam
  • Klits eiers en meng met kookwater
  • Meng droë bestanddele geleidelik in totdat gladde deeg verkry is
  • Roer die rosyne by
  • Verhit olie in die CADAC skottelbraai en braai 3 tot 4 lepelsvol beslag in warm olie tot poffering en goudbruin
  • Draai om en braai anderkant ook liggies
  • Verwyder van olie en dreineer op kombuispapier
  • Bedien warm

(Lewer omtrent 15 vetkoekies)

Marlene Badenhorst

Click below for our handy cooking converter

News from South Africa top

Britain bans biltong


The habit of packing some biltong in your suitcase as a gift for homesick friends and family in the UK will have to stop, if the British government has its way, The Star reported on Friday.

Many a concerned mother has sent a package of South African goodies, inevitably including some biltong and dry wors, to London. South Africans who live and work in the UK generally stock their bags with local favourites during visits home.

But UK customs want to put a stop to this. They have launched a media campaign to warn visitors that it is illegal to bring meat and animal products into the UK and that those who do get caught could be fined up to £1 000 (about R14 000) or even be liable for prosecution.

“They actually have ‘meat patrols’ when flights from South Africa arrive at Heathrow,” says Will Boscawen, who is helping to run the “If In Doubt – Leave It Out” marketing campaign for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.
Other countries specifically targeted are Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh and China.

Boscawen said many South Africans believed they could take biltong if it was vacuum-packed, but all meat products are banned. “The UK, being an island, has to be sensitive about possible pests that could be brought into the country via food parcels,” he said.

Crime News Update
May 2007

By: Lugisani Mulaudzi

Please keep the following in mind and NEVER think you are safe!

Palisade fencing
A normal car jack is being used to open and thus separate the vertical bars on palisade fencing thus allowing criminals to walk through fencing and remove objects or prepare cars for hijacking.

Electric fencing It’s simple. Take a length of wood with two nails attached, push it through two wires, and voila, the current is re-directed causing no harm to the criminal but does in fact damage and disable your electric fence which inevitably still costs you in repairs. Another method of deactivation is by jumper cables.
Simply redirect current and the result is – No alarm.
Sadly in so many instances where people have electric fencing, they don’t even activate the fences. The criminals know this.

To disable a motorized gate
Simply pour petrol over it and set alight. This allows for the gate to be moved open without too much difficulty and don’t be surprised at how easily your car was removed.

The best part is this
The very latest trend is to place a burning CD in an open window of a home. The toxic fumes serve to drug the inhabitants.
The effects are very deep sleep to awaken a few hours later, feeling very drowsy. Whilst asleep, the criminals have free access and reign to everything in your home.
The terrifying part is that you cannot even protect yourself. You simply go to sleep

It is important that we know how these crimes are committed. Remember crime is very big business in South Africa Forewarned is forearmed.

The latest hijack hotspots in Johannesburg and Pretoria as supplied by eBlockwatch and SAPS are:


  1. The William Nicol Drive offramp from the N1 from the Sandton side.
  2. The corner of Old Pretoria Road and 1st Avenue in Alexandra.
  3. New Road offramp in Midrand.
  4. Riviera Road offramp near Killarney Mall.
  5. Intersection of Christiaan de Wet Road and Wilgerood Road in
  6. Roodepoort.
  7. All the traffic lights along Louis Botha Avenue between Alexandra
  8. and Hillbrow.
  9. Parkwood and Saxonwold (Rosebank precinct).
  10. Upper Houghton and Killarney (Hillbrow precinct).
  11. Between 10th and 11th avenues and 4th and 7th avenues in Parkhurst
  12. (Parkview precinct).
  13. Glenhazel, Lombardy East and Sandringham (Sandringham precinct).
  14. Orange Grove and Highlands North (Norwood precinct).
  15. Yeoville, Bellevue and Bellevue East (Yeoville precinct).
  16. Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro and Kew (Bramley precinct).


  1. The Atterbury Road offramp from the N1 in Menlyn.
  2. Lynnwood Road offramp on the N1.
  3. John Vorster Drive offramp from the N1 in Lyttelton.
  4. Jean Avenue offramp from the R28 in Centurion.
  5. Rigel Avenue offramp from the N1 in Erasmuskloof.
  6. Corner of University Road and Lynnwood Road in Hatfield.
  7. The traffic lights along Walker Street in Sunnyside.
  8. The Lynnwood Road and Hans Strijdom Drive intersection in
  9. Garsfontein.
  10. The traffic lights along Nelson Mandela Drive in Sunnyside.
  11. The traffic lights along Simon Vermooten Road in Silverton.
  12. Along Beyers Naude Drive and Paul Kruger Street in Wonderboompoort.
  13. Nelson Mandela Drive, Duncan Street and Walker Street in Sunnyside.
  14. The R55 in Erasmia.
  15. Burnett Street, Hilda Street and the Atterbury Road offramp in the
  16. Brooklyn area.
  17. Delfi Avenue and Garsfontein Road in Garsfontein.

Please be very careful when traveling alone!

A woman was pushed off the road on Saturday at 10:00 am on Parkland drive in Esther Park road. A white taxi full of men followed her for about 5 minutes and then moved in next to her car and slowly pushed her towards the pavement.
They kept on until a couple of other cars started to drive around her, and then left.

This morning another lady stopped at a traffic light on Jan Smuts Avenue Kempton Park.
A taxi stopped next to her and five guys jumped out of the taxi. One banged on the roof of her car, two tried to open the front doors, a third jumped onto the bonnet of her car and a fourth stood in front of her car.
She got such a fright that she pulled away knocking the chap in front of her down and crossed the red robot.

It seems that this is a new type of intimidation, victimizing mainly women drivers.
Please be very careful when driving on your own. This is the 11th case we’ve heard of since last week. A single woman traveling from Boksburg stopped at a robot and was pulled from her car and raped repeatedly by 4 men in a taxi and another 2 at the Modderfontein intersection.
Please pass this on – not only to females – but to everyone – be alert.

Another favourite way to hijack you is by bumping you softly and as you get out the car to see what had happened they hijack you!


Managing Director Guard Force International

Around the World top

Bits and Bobs from people around the world

Zimbabwean ISPs* to spy on users
07 August 2007

– Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have slammed Zimbabwe for passing a controversial law allowing the government to monitor phone calls, faxes and emails.

“Zimbabwe had already given itself one of the world’s most repressive legislative arsenals as regards press freedom. Now all forms of communication have been placed under surveillance,” the Paris-based body said in a statement.

“RSF regrets that the Interception of Communications Act was finally signed into law by President Robert Mugabe on 3 August. The promulgation of this law is further evidence of Mugabe’s desire to keep news and information under close control.”

The law provides for the setting up of an interception centre to listen into telephone conversations, open mail and intercept emails and faxes.

ISP’s do the dirty work

The law also compels Internet service providers to install equipment to facilitate interception “at all times or when so required” and ensure that its equipment allows full-time monitoring of communications.

“A service provider who fails to give assistance in terms of this section shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine… or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years or to both,” reads part of the new law.

The law came under a barrage of criticism while it was still being debated, with media groups saying it was a major step backwards.

The government in Harare defended the new law saying it was necessary to protect the country from international terrorism and espionage

*Internet Service Providers

The following was sent to us by Meryl Roets from Belgium. Meryl is a regular contributor to our newsletter. Meryl had a small spine operation earlier in the year. We hope you are feeling much better now Meryl!


from the headquarters of
TAU SA in Pretoria
Web: www.tlu.co.za
Tel.: + 27 12 804 8031 — Fax: + 27 12 804 2014 — E-mail:info@tlu.co.za

 The Bulletin attached hereto is provided as a means to inform stakeholders of agricultural developments in South Africa. These Bulletins are distributed every two weeks and can also be found on TAU SA’s website at www.tlu.co.za.

TAU SA is the oldest agricultural union in South Africa and has been in existence since 1897. The mission of the union is to ensure a productive and safe existence for its members on the land they own. Current reality in South Africa indicates that this is not possible at the moment due to a variety of actions and threats against commercial farmers.

Your comment regarding the Bulletins and other information provided to you is valuable and will be appreciated. However should you prefer not to receive information from TAU SA, please respond by e-mail to info@tlu.co.za.


It is of some relief to many South Africans that the blinkers are now gone vis a vis the realities of the new South Africa. Until recently this has been a country of pretence, both within and outside our borders.
But even the most valiant supporters of democracy are now disillusioned – overseas television and media which soft-soaped the country’s peccadillos and glorified the burgeoning of what was hoped would be the African continent’s shining light have now turned.
South Africa was to be the country that proved the Afro-pessimists wrong, but expectations have been turned on their head.

Things started to wobble a while back – foreign governments warned of crime as tourists were killed and mugged, corruption reared its ubiquitous head, the Black Economic Empowerment syndrome curtailed foreign investment, and the collapse of the police force, the swamping of our cities by millions of aliens, and a general discernment that South Africa’s looming modus vivendi was not to be that much different from the rest of the continent became an undeniable reality, even among the most ardent believers in the new dispensation …

The gloves have come off, both here and abroad.
Britain’s Sky News’ recent program on crime in South Africa pulled no punches – there were no excuses, no “legacies of apartheid”, just a brutal look at a country from which much was expected, and from which little has emanated except decay and decline.
The BBC’s John Simpson’s report on crime in South Africa so enraged the ANC that they used the racist card to refute Simpson’s report.
The most prominent TV network in the Arab world, Al Jazeera, recently presented a one-hour English-language programme on crime in South Africa where no quarter was given to the SA government.
To cap it all, CNN’s Africa representative Jeff Koinange and his pregnant wife were held up and mugged outside their offices in Johannesburg. Within half an hour, a shaken Mr Koinange was on the air to millions of CNN viewers throughout the world, reporting on his ordeal.

A July 2006 report by British insurance company Norwich Union, in which the company investigated traffic accidents, food poisoning, violent crime, theft and lost baggage across the world, rated South Africa number one in the categories violent crime and lost baggage, and fifth in the category food poisoning
. The list was compiled after examining 60 000 claims submitted by British tourists in 2005.

Crime has become a catalyst – it has focused and concentrated a rising anger and frustration at the ANC government’s gross incompetence, arrogance and lack of accountability. Celebrity murders have riveted South Africa. The cold-blooded shooting of world famous naturalist and historian David Rattray shocked people around the world, including the Prince of Wales, a personal friend. Local singers, actors, businessmen and ordinary people have gathered to protest.
Letters in their hundreds of thousands were sent to the President who, with a certain degree of disdain, agreed to look into the crime situation, at the same time dismissively accusing those who complained of being Pharisees.

The world’s honeymoon with South Africa is over. The new South Africa, warts and all, is anything but pleasant.
Many of those who hoodwinked the world for so long as revolutionaries “fighting for their people” are now shown to have feet of clay – they are venal and corrupt, uncaring about the masses they purport to represent, while sneering at those who dare to criticize, those who pay their very generous salaries.

The rose-coloured glasses have disappeared, and the crime travesty is worsened by the apparent lack of shame and culpability. The attitude that whatever we do, we’ll be in power forever is manifest in, for example, the behaviour of our police chief who rides around in a stolen 4 x 4 vehicle, by the rousing send-off to jail given by ANC big wigs and ministers to convicted MP Tony Yengeni, and the couldn’t-care-less attitude to the breaking of his parole rules.
The fact that police commissioner Selebi was given the post of Interpol head reveals how unrealistically the international community viewed South Africa’s new rulers.

A serious defect in the country’s overseas image has been the brazen crimes committed against foreign government representatives in South Africa.
The US ambassador to South Africa said in November 2006 that crime could abort SA’s holding the 2010 FIFA World Cup games. The Iranian embassy has been hit six times. In one instance, a gun was forced into the mouth of an official. The safe was broken, cash stolen and personnel assaulted.
The German ambassador reported that some German tour operators who had come to SA to arrange world cup tours were mugged. During January 2007 alone, the Gabon embassy was robbed by armed men, a Greek embassy official was robbed at gun point, the Pakistani embassy was broken into, and a US embassy employee was attacked with a spanner and severely injured at his house.
On the same day, there was an attempted robbery at the Saudi embassy. In October and November last year, the Bangladeshi embassy was broken into three times in three weeks.

Ironically, while President Mbeki was very publicly welcoming the Chinese president in Pretoria this month, a huge wall was being constructed at the Chinese ambassador’s residence in Waterkloof because of a recent robbery at the house.

Not only violent crime upsets South Africa’s citizens. The wholesale plunder of the country’s resources is under way by public officials. South Africa has become a kleptocracy to match even the most brazen of Africa’s poachers. It will take longer to bankrupt South Africa because there’s more here to steal.
Lavish overseas trips for government bigwigs and their friends and relatives are commonplace, and the culture of entitlement permeates virtually every facet of public life.
Nepotism is rampant but what adds salt to the wound is a clear lack of shame and an attitude of contemptuousness with which criticism is dismissed as racist and/or whingeing.

Because violent crime is rampant, citizens must protect themselves. Internet circulars tell us of the latest hijacking trick – spraying acid into a driver’s face. We are urged to cooperate with the police. We are warned at street crossings about hi-jack and robbery hot spots. We are forming self-help groups, residents’ associations, concerned taxpayers’ organizations.
We have to – the government cannot protect us. They will not release statistics, which are now obtained from insurance companies.

The monthly average of cash in transit robberies increased to 27 for the first half of 2005. Armed supermarket robberies are easy money for the gangs who storm these stores. South Africa has one of the highest homicide rates in the world – 51 murders per 100 000 people in 2003 (possibly higher now) compared to 4,6 persons in the United States, India’s 3,7 and China’s 2,1. Nigeria reported only 1,5 murders per 100 000 people in 1994, while Egypt’s figure stood at 0,4 for the same year.

Serious crime has moved into the urban areas – it has been endemic within the commercial farming sector for years. SA’s farmers are the most murdered group anywhere in the world outside a war zone.

Businesses that backed the ANC before they came to power are now spending millions on newspaper ads calling for the government to stop crime. It’s a bit late.
And the human capital necessary to curtail crime – what the government euphemistically calls “capacity” – is simply not there.
Adding more policemen is more of the same. Experienced and dedicated police personnel have left the service in droves. They simply cannot take the incompetence and corruption, and they are sick of doing the work while someone else less qualified gets promoted.
This is what they tell us, and this is what they tell anyone who will listen.

The only real solution is self-protection, and this is a business which has grown exponentially as crime exploded.
Farmers have cooperated on security measures for years. Now urban dwellers will have to do the same. Not to do so would open the gates to anarchy which, given the government’s current attempts to curb crime, is just out there, looking for the loopholes.
How the government could even think of guaranteeing the safety of half a million foreign visitors in 2010 is beyond comprehension.

If you have read this far, then maybe you are left wondering too!
Do we put on the blinkers and pretend it isn’t happening or are we going to fight back and stop this crap from going any further?

This is my home, I’m not leaving!


Something to smile about top

Sex education!

The following is an actual extract from a sex education school textbook for girl, printed in the early 60’s in the UK and written by a woman!
When retiring to the bedroom, prepare yourself for bed as promptly as possible.
Whilst feminine hygiene is of the utmost importance, your tired husband does not want to queue for the bathroom, as he would have to for his train. But remember to look your best when going to bed.

Try to achieve a look that is welcoming without being obvious.
If you need to apply a face cream or hair rollers wait until he is asleep as this can be shocking to a man last thing at night.
When it comes to the possibility of intimate relations with your husband it is important to remember you marriage vows and in particular your commitment to obey him.

I he feels he needs to sleep immediately then so be it. In all things in bed be led by your husband’s wishes; do not pressure him in any way to stimulate intimacy.

Should your husband suggest congress then agree humbly all the while being mindful that a man’s satisfaction is more important than a woman’s!
When he reached his moment of fulfillment a small moan from yourself is encouraging to him and quite sufficient to indicate any enjoyment that you may have had.

Should your husband suggest any of the more unusual practices, be obedient and uncomplaining but register any reluctance by remaining silent.
It is likely that your husband will then fall promptly asleep so adjust your clothing, freshen up and apply your night time face and hair care products.

You may then set the alarm so that you can arise shortly before him in the morning.
This will enable you to have his morning cup of tea ready when he awakes!

Wrong spelling!
A young monk arrives at the monastery

He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old canons and laws of the church by hand.

He notices, however, that all of the monks are copying from copies, not from the original manuscript.
So, the new monk goes to the head abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up! In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies.

The head monk, says, “We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son.” He goes down into the dark caves underneath the monastery where the original manuscripts are held as archives in a locked vault that hasn’t been opened for hundreds of years. Hours go by and nobody sees the old abbot.

So, the young monk gets worried and goes down to look for him. He sees him banging his head against the wall and wailing,

“We missed the “R”, we missed the “R” !”

His forehead is all bloody and bruised and he is crying uncontrollably.

The young monk asks the old abbot, “What’s wrong, father?”

With A choking voice, the old abbot replies,

“The word was CELEBRATE.” –>

Sport talk top

Snippets from the papers

Saru bans overseas-based Boks
The country’s leading rugby players have been dealt a heavy blow after Saru decided that players basing themselves abroad would no longer be eligible for the national team.
Full Story …

‘Black doesn’t equal coloured’
Saru’s Deputy President Mike Stofile believes more than seven players of colour should be included in the Springbok line-up by the 2011 World Cup.
Full Story …

Seven blacks in 2011 Bok XV
South African rugby has set a target of at least seven players of colour in the Springbok starting XV in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Full Story …

Jake blows the whistle on French referee
Springbok coach Jake White eagerly watched England’s World Cup dress-rehearsal match against Wales – and has now emailed a list of concerns about refereeing to the IRB.
Full Story …

SA women cricket team take Netherlands to the cleaners
The South African women’s cricket team has beaten the Netherlands three matches in a row – and Johmari Logtenberg used the occasion to make the sixth-best score of all time in women’s cricket.
Full Story …

-How to watch all the World Cup games-
Click here to find out!

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Let’s make the next issue a Bumper one!

Our regular readers may have noticed that I have gone from a monthly issue to a bi-monthly one. The reason is simple. It is impossible to do a newsletter of this size on my own.

We need regular input from our readers.

You are probably sitting at the computer right now so how about it. Let our readers enjoy your story!
It does not have to be about Biltong or such. We’d love to hear where you live and how you have adapted yourself to your new life style and surroundings.

You might have a nice recipe to part with or perhaps a question to ask?
Perhaps you have some advice to give?

You never know how you could help somebody else with your own hints and tips.

Share it with other people around the world!

Click right here to start now or you can mail us at webmaster@biltongmakers.com

Boerewors in Europe top

Boerewors (Europe only, sorry people!)

Still getting up at all hours to make wors. Perhaps I should have become a butcher! And still we can hardly keep up.
It is disappearing faster than we can make it! Nevertheless, we have fresh stock available all the time.

So if you need Boerewors just email us or call. You can either collect or we can mail it to you.
All our customers in Holland, Belgium and in fact, all over Europe are raving about the packing of and the condition in which the wors arrived at their doorsteps.

Just imagine some “lekker” pap and wors with a nice tomato and onion sauce!

Just give us a call on +32 (16) 53.96.25 or email us.

Our Boerewors is vacuum packed in quantities of about 500 gram.
The normal price is € 8.45 per kg but for the time being we will keep it at only € 8.45 € 7.95 per kg!!

You can also place your order by simply clicking here.

Now also available at – STONEMANOR – The British Store – in Everberg, Belgium
Telephone 02 759-4979


Droëwors for the UK and Europe! top

Droëwors …… a typical South African delicacy all of its own!

Droëwors, as it is known in South Africa, is as much part of the country’s culinary culture as Biltong, Pap, Boerewors and Potjiekos.
The spices are of course imported especially from South Africa so you will get the “real” thing!

Fresh droëwors is available right now and we normally have ample stock.

The price is € 40.00 € 30.00 per kilogram vacuum pack or € 4.00 € 3.50 per 100 gram packet.

Droëwors (like biltong) travels well and posting is an ideal option.
We can mail it to you anywhere in the world via priority mail in minimum quantities of 500 gram.
You can place your order now by going to www.boerewors.be

Interested? Give us a call on +32 (16) 53.96.25 or email.


We are not responsible for packets confiscated by customs in your country.

Now also available at

STONEMANOR – The British Store – in Everberg, Belgium
Telephone 02 759-4979
DE WIJN KRAAL – The South African Wine Specialist Store – in Leuven, Belgium.
Telephone 016 58.46.06

Biltong for all our readers! top

Biltong …… once hooked you’re a slave forever!

Biltong is without doubt the snack most associated with South Africa!
It is so much part of South African culture that there is no food related shop that will not stock it. You find it literally anywhere.
Say Biltong and you say South Africa!

Biltongmakers.Com has for more than 12 years supplied their Home Biltong Makers to the South African expat so they could make their own biltong away from home.

We were often asked why we don’t make Biltong ourselves and then make it available to the poor and deprived ex-South Africans!
The requests have been relentless and constant so we decided to give it a go on a temporary basis. Just to see how well it would sell.

So, from now you will be able to get your biltong directly from us.
The spices are of course imported from South Africa so you will get the “real” taste like “back home”!

The INTRODUCTORY price is € 3.50 per 100 gram packet.

Biltong travels well and posting is an ideal option.
We can mail it to you anywhere in the world via priority mail.

To place your order please email us at info@biltongmakers.be or call us on +32 (16) 53.96.25

We will then get back to you with how much the postage will be.

We are not responsible for packets confiscated by customs in your country.

Now also available at

STONEMANOR – The British Store – in Everberg, Belgium
Telephone 02 759-4979
DE WIJN KRAAL – The South African Wine Specialist Store – in Leuven, Belgium.
Telephone 016 58.46.06

Lamb on the Spit top

Lamb on the Spit ……. something special!

Summer is in full swing (you could have fooled some us here in Belgium) and we have several spit braais under our belt this year.

Lamb on the Spit is a way of entertaining as only known by very few mainly because it is thought to be very expensive ……. Not so!

We will do a lamb on the Spit for parties of between 30 and 50 people for just € 18.00 and € 15.00 a head respectively.

Together with the lamb we will treat you to a big pot of curried potatoes, a tomato/salsa salad as well as a choice between a pasta salad or three-bean salad. Garlic or bread rolls are included as well.
For venues more than 50 km from our home base in Keerbergen there is a small transport fee.

Start planning now for those special occasions! Just keep in mind that quite a number of dates up to September are already booked!
Remember that we are doing these functions only during weekends.

Booking early is essential and you can do so on
+32 (16) 53.96.25 or email us.
(A Lamb on the Spit can only be done outside because we cook on coals!)


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Great machine

"Great machine, it pays itself off in 2 batches and is just as good as any I have ever had from a butcher....."

Nick de Klerk, Johannesburg

-Thank you for your kind comment! - Lo

Biltong Makers

Nick de Klerk, Johannesburg

-Thank you for your kind comment! - Lo

"Great machine, it pays itself off in 2 batches and is just as good as any I have ever had from a butcher....."

Compact gadget

I was delighted that such a compact gadget could produce biltong in a hygienic environment and to my own particular taste so quickly! I enjoy dry, spicy and fat free biltong which was ready in four days! The one thing I did notice was that the meat must be correctly cut (much like steak). Great biltong maker which will be enjoyed by us on a regular basis.
Biltong Makers
I was delighted that such a compact gadget could produce biltong in a hygienic environment and to my own particular taste so quickly! I enjoy dry, spicy and fat free biltong which was ready in four days! The one thing I did notice was that the meat must be correctly cut (much like steak). Great biltong maker which will be enjoyed by us on a regular basis.


Dear Biltong Team,

Yesterday afternoon, after three days, I tested my first batch. Brilliant!! The texture was just how I like it. Not too dry. My girlfriend had never tasted biltong but she'd listened to me raving on about it for years. She was most impressed. Just waiting now to hear how my son's first batch is going! This is the first time I've had biltong since 1986 so you can imagine how pleased I am! Thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Best regards to all the Biltong Team,

John Renwick England

Biltong Makers

John Renwick England

Dear Biltong Team, Yesterday afternoon, after three days, I tested my first batch. Brilliant!! The texture was just how I like it. Not too dry. My girlfriend had never tasted biltong but she'd listened to me raving on about it for years. She was most impressed. Just waiting now to hear how my son's first batch is going! This is the first time I've had biltong since 1986 so you can imagine how pleased I am! Thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Best regards to all the Biltong Team,

Worth its weight in gold!

Hello Biltong Team,

So far my husband and I have been sharing a machine with friends and they want it back now, so I've decided it's time to get our own one. We can't go without biltong for too long! I make a batch and by the time we've eaten it, the next one is ready. It's definitely worth its weight in gold!

Georgie Neubauer England

Biltong Makers

Georgie Neubauer England

Hello Biltong Team, So far my husband and I have been sharing a machine with friends and they want it back now, so I've decided it's time to get our own one. We can't go without biltong for too long! I make a batch and by the time we've eaten it, the next one is ready. It's definitely worth its weight in gold!

Fabulous product

Dear Biltongmakers,

I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous product. I received a biltongmaker a while ago for my birthday and, to be honest, it has not been switched off since then. I have tried Springbok, Beef, Kudu and even Kangaroo and have to say that is was amazing. Neighbours, friends and family can`t seem to get enough. Thank you very much.

Richard Rust, England

Biltong Makers

Richard Rust, England

Dear Biltongmakers, I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous product. I received a biltongmaker a while ago for my birthday and, to be honest, it has not been switched off since then. I have tried Springbok, Beef, Kudu and even Kangaroo and have to say that is was amazing. Neighbours, friends and family can`t seem to get enough. Thank you very much.

A very professional organization

Hi there!

Thanks for your speedy reply. The Biltong Team seems to be a very professional organization and I will gladly follow your advice. If you have any extra advice or hints I would appreciate it.

Lawrence Israel

Biltong Makers

Lawrence Israel

Hi there! Thanks for your speedy reply. The Biltong Team seems to be a very professional organization and I will gladly follow your advice. If you have any extra advice or hints I would appreciate it.

Receiving orders

Hi Lo,

Just to let you know that my last lot of "billies" went down like a house on fire! I have subsequently received orders from at least 6 friends and each wants 2 kilos!!!

Mark Zetzer Melbourne, Australia

Biltong Makers

Mark Zetzer Melbourne, Australia

Hi Lo, Just to let you know that my last lot of "billies" went down like a house on fire! I have subsequently received orders from at least 6 friends and each wants 2 kilos!!!
Biltong Makers

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