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August 2004

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From the editor

August 4, 2004

Hello everyone,

My apologies for being a bit late this month. There just seems to be too little time in a day to get everything done.

Here we go.

Last month I started a whole new love affair!

I met Susie on July 6 and have been head over heels in love with her ever since.

Susie goes with me wherever I go and, as some people I sometimes have in the car at times, she does not nag and is not a “back-seat driver”

I must admit that she is pretty forceful and keeps on reminding me where to go and what to do. But I don’t mind really. At least she is a good map-reader and gets me where I have to go much quicker than in the past.

The first time I took Susie with me was when I had to go to Strassburg in France. She told me that she knew the way and that I should listen to her.

So I did!

We got there in double quick time but on the way back she really got us lost. We must have driven about 150km more than we should have. Perhaps it was me who faithfully did what I was told.

After that trip I decided to take her with me to bed and practise a little so that we would not have that same problem again.

And June doesn’t even mind.

Because Susie is my new GPS!

It’s the original magic! Those of you who have one must agree that once you start using it you can’t do without it.

When I leave home I just tell her where to go and when we are almost there she will tell me (in a rather nice voice) “You have arrived at your destination”!

It is amazing to think that one of the first computers I worked with had a 30Mb hard drive. That was big in those days and I was extremely proud of it.

Now I have this little chip in Susie, no bigger that my thumb and that holds 256Mb!

It is a bit scary to think that every single street in the whole of Europe is on that little chip. Even down to the street numbers! Every single one!

So, I will carry on with my love affair.

Suzie is magic!

(But she does not cook the way Junie does – no way!)


This month will see the birth of our brand-new invention.

The “BILTONG BUDDY” Home Biltong Maker.

It was time to upgrade (or replace) the Traditional Biltong Maker and, after months of work, it is finally here!

The “BILTONG BUDDY” has a number of distinct advantages over the previous model.

One of the major advantages is that it is much lighter and it will therefore cost a lot less to mail! The mailing charges have always been a major factor in deciding whether or not to buy a Biltong maker. It sometimes costs more to ship the machine than the price of the machine itself!

With the “BILTONG BUDDY” this will change quite drastically. It could make a difference of as much as R 200.00 on the total price.

We also decided to go back to the good old faithful light bulb. It is so much easier to replace a globe than to change an element.
The “BILTONG BUDDY” uses only a 15-watt globe. This means that the power consumption is almost 1/3 than that of its bigger brother, Rockey’s New Age Home Biltong maker!

The “BILTONG BUDDY” is available right now!

The price?

The first 100 units will go for only R 490.00!
That is a price we last had in 1999!

You can now order the BILTONG BUDDY and take advantage of this special introductory offer.
(The first 63 units were sold as at 22-08-2004)


We are finally having a summer here in Belgium. Temperatures are in the upper 20s and have even been as high as 38C.

Even though we are not lovers of extreme heat it is nice to feel some sun on our bodies for a change. Perhaps we have a late summer this year.

Well, that is it again for this month.

We have a couple of very nice contributions this month. The regular “Saffies-Down-under” column from Craig Rudolph and also a very exciting recipe from Nico Botha, also from Australia!

More from Nico next month – That’ll be something to read!

Have a good month and till the next newsletter,



Food for thought

I have it on very good authority that the following story is true.

On the 17th of November, 1930, the Chicago Herald Examiner printed a story about an argument between a man and his wife. The headline read: “Man Spites His Wife by Staying Blindfolded in Bed for Seven Years”.

This is the story;

Harry Havers lived in Indiana. He was the kind of husband who liked to help around the house – hang pictures, do the washing-up, dust and polish the furniture, and so on. One day his wife complained about the way he was doing something.

She reckoned there was a better way to do it.

Harry disagreed. He told her, “All right. If that’s the way you feel, I’m going to bed. I’m going to stay there the rest of my life. And I don’t want to see you or anyone else again.” So he went to bed, with a blindfold over his eyes, and stayed there for seven years. He only got up because he had begun to feel uncomfortable. The mattress, he said, was lumpy.

I have so many questions about this story. For example – who brought him food and drink during those seven years?

His wife? More fool she if she did. Did anyone ever change the bed linen? Did he ever change his pyjamas? Or his blindfold? How did he go to the loo? (He must have gone to the loo. ) And most important of all – how did he stay mad at his wife for seven years? Didn’t he get bored? Or did he have a bedside radio?

Did neither of them think to apologize?

Did they even speak to one another? Why did his wife stay around?

I think you’ll agree that a seven-year huff is quite a huff. It’s also a total waste of a life.

Forgiveness isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

If we’re going to be free to get on with living our lives, that is.


What’s in a name?

What’s for breakfast?

Kelloggs Corn Flakes? Post-Toasties?

With all of the choices in the supermarket cereal aisle today, many of them packed with sugar, artificial colours and flavours, and far from healthful, you may be surprised to learn that breakfast cereal was originally created as a health food!

In the late 1800s, most Americans had a diet heavy in meat and very low in fibre. Relatively little was known about nutrition, but a few innovators did recognize the connection between diet and wellbeing.

One of these people was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan.

A member of the Seventh Day Adventist church, which promoted an alcohol and meat-free diet, Dr. Kellogg ran the church-backed Battle Creek Sanitarium, where wealthy clients would come to rest and improve their health through a strict diet and exercise program.
Some of the sanitarium’s treatments, such as dunks into pools of electrified water seem a bit odd today, but in terms of nutrition, Dr. Kellogg was surprisingly on the mark.

As meat and coffee were off limits, Dr. Kellogg was constantly looking for wholesome alternatives that tasted good too. One day, as he and his brother William, the sanitarium’s business manager, were experimenting with new ways to prepare wheat, they discovered that it could be rolled into flakes.

The patients loved the results.

He gladly sold his new cereal to former patients but Dr. Kellogg had no interest in marketing it to the general public. One of his patients, an inventor named Charles William Post, opened his own institute and health food company in Battle Creek upon leaving the Sanitarium.

It is thanks to Post’s genius for advertising, Post Grape-Nuts and Post-Toasties led the cereal game early on.

In 1906, William Kellogg broke away from his brother and founded the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company, which later became the Kellogg Company. Although at one time as many as 44 cereal companies were operating in Battle Creek, none could compete with Post or Kellogg.

100 years later, the cereal you eat is still likely to come from one of these two companies.


Our Home Biltong Makers

The all new “BILTONG BUDDY” is here and available for immediate shipping!!

For the past couple of months we have been working hard on a very exciting project and the time has come to tell you all about it!

We are proudly announcing the arrival of our latest addition!

We are calling it ‘The “BILTONG BUDDY”“!

Why? Well, we believe that this new Home Biltong maker will be a “BUDDY” to all people who love their Biltong and have found it too expensive to buy a Home Biltong Maker of their own! Until now that is!

The “BILTONG BUDDY” is the answer!!

Our new ‘BILTONG BUDDY’ Home Biltong Maker has some distinct advantages over the old Traditional 2-kg model. These advantages are:

  • No more element; it uses a 15 watt globe.
    • This means that you will no longer have to buy spare elements and the power consumption is only one third of what the old model used!
  • The “BILTONG BUDDY” is made of a rigid PST, just like its brother, Rockey’s New Age Biltong maker.
    • This means that it is much lighter in weight which means a lot less mailing charges!!
  • The new “BILTONG BUDDY” dries meat in less than 4 days!
    • This means that you can now make more Biltong than ever before!
  • And last, but certainly not least, it will cost ONLY R 490.00!!*
    • This means that we are back to prices charged in 1999!

So, lets summarize:

  • A lighter machine means less mailing charges!
  • A lower price means that more people can afford it!
  • Lower power consumption also means less cost to you!

You can order the new BILTONG BUDDY now by going to our order page or you can have a look at it first.

Details of the New “BILTONG BUDDY” can be found here.

More and more people are into making larger batches of Biltong at one time. Rockey’s New Age 5kg Biltong maker is just ideal for that purpose!

Details on Rockey’s machine can be found by clicking on this link.

*(For the first 100 units)


This month’s special offer !

We will keep one price as it is.

We will keep the present price of the RNA-5kg Home Biltong maker as it is till the end of August.
This is a definite deadline and we cannot extend it any further.
So, those people who have not made use of the offer, you have another 3 weeks and a bit!




Suggestion of the month

An OBE for making Boerewors!

This one from Nico Botha from somewhere in the far Outback of Australia!
(The entrance to the Great Barrier Reef and Islands!!)

We all have our own reasons for moving away from the Homeland !

This is my reason.

It is my humble belief that the changes in South Africa were placed upon us as a nation to migrate to the corners of this world, to share the Boerewors tradition with the less fortunate ones and to enlighten them to one of the wonders of our world!

Our Boerewors Cult is as ancient as the Haggis in Scotland or the Black Pudding and Bloodwurst in Germany!

It is just incredible to see what great satisfaction and pleasure Boerewors can bring to a BBQ where “Snags” (Aussie word for sausages) and tasteless bleak looking efforts of Worsie Types have roamed the braai fires and gas grills around the world for centuries!

It is my mission to say:

“Well done to all the Boerewors Makers around the world!!
You all should be honored in the 2005 Queens Birthday speech for an OBE!!”



“You have done well!
We are a force to be to be reckoned with!
We have spread something De Klerk or Tutu or PW Botha, Hertzog, or Verwoerd never thought was possible!

Perhaps the International Boerewors Recipe Encyclopedia should be invented, and a BA at Unisa should be considered!
With a Masters for research on Boerewors!

(Jislaaik Nico! What an idea!-Ed)

(For those who are interested have a look at Nico’s Boerewors recipe a bit further on!!-Ed)


Questions and Answers

Every month we receive many questions from people all over the world. These questions may be about making Biltong, Boerewors or Potjiekos but can also be totally unrelated to these subjects.



The following question is asked a lot and we have tried to answer it as well as possible.
However, perhaps there are some of our readers who have different thoughts on this.

Anyone out there who might want to help?


Hi there Biltong Team,

I was wondering if one could use another cut of beef than silverside. I don’t enjoy fighting with the food I’m eating and I find the silverside I tried recently, very sinewy.
Is there another cut I could use and still get the same result?

I am also thinking of trying the following spice mixture; 3/6 Coriander, 1/6 Salt, 1/6 Ground Pepper, 1/6 Chilli Powder.
What are your thoughts? Has anyone tried that combination and what were the results? I generally like very strong biltong (my girlfriend actually likes it even more) so what would be the best spice mixture that I could use?

Latimore Clayton


Making food is something very personal.

People make it the way they like it. I for instance like lots of spices. Other people don’t. Play around with the spice mix you mentioned but, whatever you do, always use vinegar. The Worcestershire sauce you can leave out but the vinegar, apart from the taste, also acts as a preservative.

Brown sugar is a must. The mixture of salt and sugar gives the biltong its unique taste. But then again, that’s me. Perhaps other people don’t use sugar.

As far as the silverside is concerned I am at a loss. Proper silverside comes from right next to the rump steak and should have little or no sinews at all. I have made excellent biltong using soup meat but the best is of course rump steak. Any cut of beef from the hind quarter is fine. When you buy your meat you can actually see if it has a lot of sinew or not.



I was born in Western Australia and I am hooked on Biltong, Boerewors and Droëwors.

I shared a house in East Acton, LONDON in the late 1970’s with 3 South African girls. Their names were Stephanie Bensimon, Linda Wilkinson and Sally Rowney.

Sally’s Mum introduced me to Biltong. I have been hooked ever since, and have introduced many Aussie yachtsmen to the virtues of Biltong!

Another friend from South Africa, an ex SA Moto-X (Moto Cross) Champion, Graham Greene (he rode Maico’s) also became an exceptional friend of mine back here in Perth, Western Austrralia.

I am hoping that, through your contacts, you may be able to put me in contact with some of these people, particularly Stephie and Graham, no disrespect to Sally and Linda, because we had one hell of a time, Sally should remember the BARRY WHITE Concert we attended.

Thank you,
Wayne Drake


We don’t have an answer to that one Wayne. But is there anyone out there who can help Wayne? If so, please email him at the address just below his name.



Can you make kosher biltong?



Does anyone have the proper and correct answer for Janine? Please mail us if you do because we often get asked this question.-Ed


Recipe corner

Here is Nico Botha’s Boerewors recipe.
(You remember Nico from earlier on? The one from the far Outback?)

It looks fascinating!!

Boerewors Queensland

I have been living here in Aussie for a few years now. Boerewors is a must for our family as we are addicted to our Heritage.

I would like to share this recipe with all of you and I am sure it will be a winner with a lot of Boertjies around the world !!!!

My meat selection


  • 5 kg rump (lekker cheap here in Far North Queensland)
  • 5 kg mutton (lekker medium vet skaap)
  • 5 kg Pork (no fat)
  • 1.5 gr Bacon shanks – cut and diced into cubes

Mince all the rump, mutton and “varkie” into a grade courser than your normal mince, only once. Mince the bacon cubes.

My spices


  • 100 ml salt (Sea salt)
  • 75 ml of Coriander roasted in the oven.
  • 5-8 ml of cloves
  • 30 ml McCormick Bush Spices (This is an Aussie all purpose spice mix)
  • 12 ml of nutmeg powder
  • 35 ml of Seasoned Black pepper (fine)

Blend coriander, salt, cloves, and Bush spices to a fine spice mixture add Seasoned Black Pepper. Mix well.

My wet stuff.

  • 625 ml of vintage Balsamic vinegar
  • 2-3 tots of Klipdrift Brandy ! If available, or Napoleon Brandy (The Aussie equvalent to “Klippies”

My life treasure “Boere geheime”

  • 6x Sweet Over ripe Queensland Tomatoes “soet tamaties”!
  • 4x Large Australian Brown onions.
  • 4x Garlic cloves

Blend the “Boere Geheime” (top secret) into a pulp and add all the spices and wet stuff to the pulp. Mix well and rest the pulp for 20 minutes. If you love green onions, cut 5 of these onions into thin bits, add them to the meat and let it rest!
This is optional !

Now, add the pulp to the meat, mix well and rest the mixture for 30 minutes.
Stick a patty in the pan, taste, smile, have a beer, crack a joke, tell a jagstorie or two, or a fishing story!
After all we live in Barramundi country up here!!

Your casings must be well soaked from the night before, wash them well.

Unpack your bit of “Africana”, your worsstopper from back home, en laat waai!!

This is a winner braai after braai !


Droë wors!!

Do not add the tomatoes, onions, or garlic or green onions to meat mixture.
Do not over stuff skins be gentle!!!


Just an idea

The Aussies love a gas BBQ.
To add a woodfire flavour to your next gas braai, stick a stainless steel bakkie with a few wood chips under the grill to create smoke from under the meat !

Soak the wood chips in a port or red wine from the night before. The flavour is magic !!
The wood smell gets now into the boerewors and Bobs your Uncle!
Instant Smokey boerewors!
(Like the real thing in times of a total fire ban here in Australia!)

OK Mate

Now you have my life secret!!

This is a receipe that will bring tears to your eyes when you and your mates sit in the shed checking the Tri-Nations on the kassie and having a “sluk” of a cold one with a Boerewors roll in the other hand!

Mooi loop!



Around the World

Saffies Down-Under

Here I sit with tears in my Kangaroo stew, wondering what might have been if the Bokke could only have held on for those extra 30 seconds in Christchurch.

Oh what if??

But they were very impressive. For the first time since Mallet’s days things look together and the team look like they actually know what they are doing. I look forward to Perth and the Wallabies.

Something that has again shown its ugly head here in Australia are the cheats that proliferate all walks of the sports-field. I think the saying goes, “People should not throw stones if they live in glass houses.” And is that not so very true of the Australian landscape at the moment. It is all so very easy when other nations are caught with positive drug results and banned substances, but it gets extremely quiet when one of their own gets nabbed.

Ben Tune springs to mind. Shane Warne yet another and now Shaun Eadie.
Most will not know this man, but he is a Gold Medal hope in cycling for the upcoming Olympics. However, he was said to have been importing “growth hormones” as far back as 1999. This they inject and one does not have to be a brain surgeon to know why. Nothing was done and he has now been cleared to go and partake in the games.

Similarly, several elite Australian athletes have also tested positive, but due to the American style suing and counter suing that goes on here, the authorities are reluctant to take any action lest they be sued in return. What a load of “double standards.” If it were any other country, there would be the obligatory whinging. But again I move on ……

Ah the Olympics – and the “Best Games ever,” still rings in the media and the corridors of Sydney everywhere. They were great, and sure the city was enormously jovial and all that good stuff. But the media here are having a field day with the expectation that Athens will not be ready. It will be incomplete and there will be trouble beyond belief. There is almost a hope, from some quarters here, that it does fall into a pile and that things do go wrong.

But let me tell you about some of the things that were never mentioned about the Sydney games.

  • There was once a promise made (I forget to whom it was made, probably the Olympic committee) that the “Millennium Train” would be built in time for the Sydney games. It was to be at the fore-front of design and solve the problems of the past. Trains on time etc and plenty of them. It is now 2004, and the train has yet to be fully unveiled and used on the Sydney rail network. It does not work and it has cost the taxpayer twice the original budget. Best games ever – yes sure.
  • All the wonderful Olympic stadiums that were built for the games, now sit mostly idle costing the tax payer a cool AU$56 million a year. Not very successful to me.

Although the rains have started to arrive here in Sydney the dams, unfortunately, have not really been filled to any greater or lesser extent.
Water restrictions continue and the good life proliferates. Winter has also finally made its cold appearance with snow in the mountains and the ski fields being over-run by season skiers. Every Friday, on the highway to the snow fields, the cars are lined for kilometers trying to get there.

Having grown up in a country that does not have much snow, the excitement still does not seem to hook into me yet when the locals chat and plan for the winter skiing holidays. I guess the same is true for any Saffies in Europe. But they do say once the bug bites….so maybe next time I will have tried the ski fields to see if it is as good as they claim.

So until next time – keep warm from the “Land Down-under.”

Craig Rudolph
Sydney, Australia


The following comes from Koen Verhaest from Antwerp, Belgium.


This scene took place on a BA flight between Johannesburg and London.

A white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess.

“Madam, what is the matter,” the hostess asked. “You obviously do not see it then?” she responded. “You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat.” “Be calm please,” the hostess replied. “Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available.”
The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. “Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class.”

Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued. “It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make someone sit next to someone sooooo disgusting”.

She turned to the black guy, and said, “Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class.”

At that moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed, stood up and applauded.


Smile a While

We had it all wrong about the crocodile so here is the truth

This is a real life exam of a Grade 5 (Std. 3) pupil. Primary School exam 1 of the 2nd term.
Write an essay on the following question: “What is a crocodile?
(Use block letters and write legibly)
Name: Gerhard Janse vanVuuren Date: Monday 22/05/2004



  • The crokodile is a specially built so long because the flatter the better swimmer.
  • At the front of the crokodile is the head. The head exists almost only of teeth.
  • Behind the crokodile the tail grows.
  • Between the head and the tail is the crokodile. A crokodile without a tail is called a rotwieler.
  • A crokodile’s body is covered with handbag material. He can throw his tail off if he gets a fright but it doesn’t happen much because a crokodile is scared of nothing.
  • A crokodile stays under the water because if you were so ugly, you would also stay under the water. It is good that a crokodile stays under the water, because a person gets such a big fright if a crokodile catches you that he first has to rinse you off before he can eat you.
  • A crokodile isn’t hardly as dangerous as people say he is, except if he catches you. The longer he bites you, the more it hurts.
  • Very old crokodiles suck their people and buck that they catch dead.
  • If you eat him, he is a crokosatie.
  • A crokodile did not learn to swim with his arms so he uses his tail.
  • The little brother of the crokodile is a lizard.
  • The slow sister of the crocodile is a chameleon.
  • The gay brother of the Crokodile is a daffodile.
  • And the crokodile also has a dead brother the frikkidele.”



Beaten Boks on brink of greatness, say rivals
By Trevor Robb
August 2, 2004

Perth, Australia – The Springboks flew out of Australia on Sunday with their Tri-Nations hopes all but shattered, but their reputation as one of the world’s rugby superpowers well and truly restored.

For the second time in as many matches the Springboks were denied a victory late in the match, this time going down 30-26 after former compatriot Clyde Rathbone dived over for a winning try to Australia in the 71st minute.

But the Wallabies were impressed by what they saw with both coach Eddie Jones and veteran captain George Gregan, who celebrated his 100th Test on Saturday, heaping praise on their new-look and comparatively inexperienced rivals and their coach Jake White.


‘They have got the right players in the side’ “I thought it was a high-quality game,” Gregan said.
“It was a high-tempo game. When they had the ball they really tried to maintain it and they played at a high skill level.

“I think Jake White needs to be complimented on that because the way they are playing is a very good style of football – very positive.”

Jones agreed, saying the difference between the top teams was marginal and getting closer.

“At some stage there’s going to be some realism about the differences between the top five teams in the world,” he said.

“It’s the teams that perform a certain number of plays well that will win the game.

“South Africa is certainly in that category. They have got the right players in the side.

“As George said they have been extremely well coached by Jake – they’re a lot fitter than they were – they’re a very, very good side.”

Jones said that over the next three years there would only be at most a two or threeper cent difference between the top teams which would determine the final outcome in any Test.

For the South Africans, Saturday’s loss was a bitter pill to swallow – doubly so because of their agonising last-second defeat by the New Zealand All Blacks in Christchurch in their opening TriNations match last week.

But both White and captain John Smit tried to focus on the positives, predicting the Springboks could win their remaining two matches at home and continue to improve.

“If you look and see where we were six weeks ago and see where we are now – it’s a huge step forward,” White said.

“We’re going home and I think if we can build on these two results back home in front of a 50,000 crowd supporting us there’s no reason we can’t turn the tables around and play even better.

“That’s a challenge we’ve got as a team… there are a lot of positives coming out of this tour.

“We won against the Pacific Islanders and lost narrowly in both (Tri-Nations) games – and you’re talking about the number one and number two sides in the world so it just shows you where we are.”

White said the Australians had more experience and Jones had had a core of 10 to 12 players working together with him for at least five years, both as coach of the Super 12 team ACT Brumbies and now as head of the Wallabies.

He said his own players had lacked composure at crucial times but experience would rectify the problems.

“It’s just one of those things,” he said.

“I think the inexperience of this young side… it’s something you can’t buy but if you look at what the Australians have got and how long they’ve been together it just shows you what sort of value there is in keeping a side together for a long time.”

Smit said it hurt to lose two close matches in as many weeks but the experience would motivate the players for their final two games in South Africa.

“I think the biggest thing is that we’ve really had opportunities to win both games and we’re so far from where we are going to be as well in terms of growing as a side together,” he said.

“The guys are really looking forward to playing at home and lifting and uniting.”

White refused to lay any blame for the defeat at the feet of English referee Chris White who missed what appeared to be a late tackle by Wallaby fullback Chris Latham on replacement back Gaffie du Toit with 13 minutes remaining.

Du Toit, who scored South Africa’s third try, kicked down the line and was charging towards the tryline when Latham shouldered him out of play, seemingly well after the ball was kicked.

“I thought the ref went quite well. You can’t blame him for all that. I think it was a call he had to make,” White said.

Despite the defeat, the Boks took a bonus point from the match for losing by fewer than seven points, to add to the bonus point they earned against the All Blacks.

But any faint hopes they may still have of winning the tournament now rest in the hands of their opponents – with Australia to meet New Zealand in Sydney next week.

Australia has five points – four from Saturday’s win plus a bonus point for scoring four tries in the match – while New Zealand has eight points after winning its opening two games.

The Springboks still have two home games to play.


-Where can you watch rugby on TV?-
Click here to find out where in most countries!


The Competition

The winner of the July Competition

The winner of the July competition is Don Warren from Toronto in Canada.
This is the first time we have had a winner from Canada ever since we started the competition many moons ago.

Well done and congratulations Don, your Barbecue Utensil Kit is on its way to you. All you have to do when it arrives is to start using it!

Please let us know how you like it and perhaps send us a picture or two?

Remember the following:


  • The monthly draw or competition is totally free to everyone.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.
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The prize for the August Competition

The winner for the competition for August 2004 will receive one of the most popular prices we have been giving away the past couple of years.

The Cadac Skottel Braai!

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To enter the competition all you have to do is to visit our home page at and click on one of the two competition links.

The winners of all competitions are notified by email.

Some of the other prizes for the year


  • Biltongmakers
  • Biltong spices
  • Boerewors spices
  • Braai tool sets
  • Potjie Pots
  • Barbecues
  • Cadac Skottel Braais and………. much, much more!!!


So, don’t wait!

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As a South African orientated web site we are constantly looking to contact more and more South Africans across the world.
Not only to tell them about how they can make their own Biltong but also to give them a chance to share their stories with other South Africans the world over.

So, here is your chance to help us.

If you know about a South African family or friend living near you or perhaps somewhere far away, why not tell them about us and then us about them.
Perhaps you can send us their email address so that we can mail them a copy of this newsletter.
If they like it they can stay on the mailing list, if not they can just let us know and we will remove them.

If the response we receive is large enough and, directly due to your efforts people place orders with us, you could be rewarded by receiving one of our products totally free of charge.

What an easy way to perhaps get your own Home Biltong Maker without having to pay a cent for it!

You can mail us at

During July many people went to the trouble once again of submitting their friend’s and family’s names and we would like to thank all!


Let’s hear from you!

Help us to make it even better!

Many people are subscribing to this newsletter every day. Mostly they do so because they enjoy reading it and like to hear from people in other parts of the world.

If you are one of our subscribers why don’t you write something yourself?

Just like you enjoy reading about what other people are up to, they might enjoy reading about you and your family.
Why not put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard!), and tell us about anything interesting. About life in your part of the world, what you do and how you live. Perhaps something that happened to you.
You might have a nice recipe to part with or perhaps a question to ask.

Perhaps you have some advice to give?
You never know how you could help somebody else with your own hints and tips.

Of course it does not have to be about Biltong or food. Anything that is of interest is welcome!
Share it with other people around the world!

It would be so nice to hear from you!


Boerewors in the Benelux

Boeries galore!!

As always during the summer months we have ample stock.
Click to me me bigger
Unfortunately we had a slight increase in the price of meat (we are paying for the fat now where this was free before) so, the price is € 8.50 per kilogram for the smaller quantities under 50kg. Over 50kg it is € 7.00 when you come and fetch in Keerbergen and € 7.50 if we deliver to you. (Benelux only)

Please keep in mind that we also do Boerewors rolls and Potjiekos for up to 100 people as well as “Lamb-on-the-Spit” for functions. So if you are planning anything please let us know?

Interested parties can mail us at for details or phone us at +32 (16) 53.96.25.


Potjie Pots in the Benelux

Click to me me bigger

We still have a couple of size 4 Potjies left from the last consignment.

For those who are interested please call us at +32 (16) 53.96.25


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