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Belgium It is now 6 am.

We finally have some rain this morning. The temperatures have been so incredibly high this summer that you sometimes don’t know what to do. They are already talking about the BIG Summer of 2003.

So, what has been happening on this side of the world this month? We have been pretty busy, as usual. June and used one of the long weekends to make a trip to Paris. Nicla, a friend of June was arriving from South Africa and she had some goodies with her that we asked her to bring. One of these was a gas burner for our big size 25 Potjie Pot. Our burner got lost in the move two years ago. No more coals from now on!

Of course one can buy these burners in Belgium, but at a price! One similar, but not as well made, as the one Nicla brought, would have cost € 62.00. In Johannesburg it was a mere € 8.50 (R 74.00)! So, now we are really organized to do lots of Potjies!

Paris was incredible, as it always is We stayed in a very old, small hotel in Rue Blomet in the 15th Arrondissement. It was built around 1874 and it took me back to the books I used to read about inspector Maigrett (am I giving my age away here?). There were these old rooms, with ancient ceilings and radiators and the concierge sitting in a little room in the front.

Since Nicla had not been to Paris before, we did the rounds. The Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Coeur on Mont Martre, the Arc-the-Triomphe, the Moulin Rouge and so on. The night before June and I did a boat ride on the Seine. How more romantic could one get!

But, then it was back to the grindstone and work, work, work!

With the introduction of the new RNA-5kg Biltong Maker we have been incredibly busy. I did not realize how badly a larger machine was wanted by so many of our customers!

The machine itself works like a dream and, although a bit bigger than the original 2kg Biltong Maker, still fits in well in the kitchen. Certainly the ideal Biltong Maker for those people who want to make more than just 2kg at a time.

Then came the South African Bring-and Braai in Luxembourg on the 27th. We left at around 10am and got hopelessly lost! It was held at the same spot as last year but, although we were near, we just could not find it again! Thank goodness that Pat called us on the mobile and gave us directions! The place was as beautiful as we remembered from last year. Right next to a little stream in a big forest. Such a lovely place to spend a nice and relaxing day. Everything was of course organized to a “T”, as it always is when Pat and Elaine do something!

The only thing that could have been better was the weather.

It was a pity that we did not manage to bring enough Boerewors. Within 10 minutes of our arrival it was all gone! We needed 60 kilograms for orders alone with people coming from as far as Saarbrucken in Germany to fetch it. We only had about 35kg with us. We promised to do a special trip to Luxembourg as soon as we had made a new batch.

We could not believe our eyes when one of the girls came forth with a big bag full of……..gem squash! These are just not available in this part of the world. The squashes were soon halved, wrapped in tinfoil and put in the coals. It was so nice to see all the people with their “braais” and a huge big fire going. Everyone was sharing their “Master Pieces”. June and I made a small chicken-curry Potjie and pap which actually fitted in very well with the weather! That’s all for now from this part of the world.

Till next month!



As I mentioned above, what a reception the new RNA 5kg Biltong Maker received this past month! It was like everybody who had ever thought about making his or her own Biltong decided that this was the time to do so. The new machine easily takes 5kg of wet meat especially if full use is made from the height of the machine by hanging some pieces underneath each other. Since there has been so much enthusiasm about the new machine we will have something special in August. Just watch our web site as well as any special newsletters coming your way! To find out more about this incredible machine just click here http://www.biltongmakers.com/biltong03b_rocky5kg_01.html


This month we will all have a chance to make that extra bit of Biltong at a very special price! For every four packets of Biltong Spice ordered we will throw in an extra 1/2 kilogram free of charge. YES! Buy 4 and get 1 FREE! (In fact why don’t we give away a free 500 gram packet of spice with ANY spice ordered?)


Here is a tip for the thousands of people using the Traditional 2kg Biltong Maker. Although we clearly state in our instruction booklet that the meat has to be dried with a kitchen paper towel (or similar) before hanging, lots of people still have a problem with drippings at the bottom of their Biltong Makers. To largely prevent this happening, just take a piece of the replacement filter for the extraction unit hanging above your stove or cooker. This filter is usually about 5-10mm thick. Cut it to size and put it in the bottom of your machine. It does not affect the heat flow and keeps the appliance nice and clean. (Anyone out there with a couple of tips for our readers!-Ed)


Every month we receive hundreds of mails from people around the world regarding many issues. A lot of these queries are similar if not identical. From now on we will publish the most regular ones in this newsletter. It might help others who may have the same questions.


“Hi Guys, thanks for the all the help so far from the website. Just one quick question: We use silverside as you recommend, but what is the best way to cut the strips – with or against the grain? “Cheers Nick

With the grain Nick


” I am thinking of purchasing a biltong maker and spices. Are you aware of whether Australian Customs permits the spices in to Australia. Have you successfully sent to Perth before?”
Linda Hill

We are sending spices to Australia all the time and there is no law against it. However, the Australian Customs do not know the Biltong and Boerewors spice and can therefore ask for a list of the ingredient contents to be mailed to them. This has only happened on two occasions in the past 5 years or so. Biltong and Boerewors spices contain only dry spices such as salt, sugar, cinnamon, coriander etc.


“I picked up a Potjie on a recent visit to SA and hauled it back to Dubai. I have had a lot of conflicting advice from my South African colleagues here regarding the initial preparation of the Potjie before putting it into full production. Can you advise on the best way to initialise the Potjie? ”
Best Regards Potjie Fan Patrick Evans

Most Potjies you buy are pre-treated. However, I still believe that you should prepare such Potjies as well. To find out all about “curing” a Potjie Pot please go to http://www.biltongmakers.com/biltong23a_potjies_general2_cure.html


“We often receive queries from people pertaining to the country they live in. We cannot help with these queries simply because we do not live there. This section is devoted to those queries and, with any luck, someone living in the same country as you may have the answer. So if you have any specific queries please mail us and we will publish them in this section every month. Here is the first one: Apart from New York city, where else in the USA can I find a South African shop to look for some good sausages? I love going into a shop where I can actually see all these nice goodies. “Thanks, Maria Korosso mkorosso@med.umich.edu –


This month we have a recipe for a different kind of Potjiekos. The recipe comes from George Wolvaardt in South Africa and is in Afrikaans. We are not going to translate this as we might just change the recipe in the process! George sê: Hierdie potjie is altyd lekkerrrr!! Dit kan binneshuis op die stoof gemaak word of, as die weer baie sleg is, gebruik platboom potjie vir die stoof.

1 kg Stowe beesvleis ( in blokkies gesny) Skaap of hoender werk net so lekker.
1 ui fyngekap
3 knoffelhuisies fyngekap
25 ml olyfolie Groente na smaak. Ons gebruik gewoonlik wortels, aartappels, baba-kooltjies of kool in kwarte gesny en botterskorsie in stukke gesny.
1 koppie fyngekapte pietersielie
1 eetl fyn koljander
1 eetl BBQ speserye
1 liter kookwater
100 ml tamatiesous ( ………ek bêre altyd my laaste bietjie tamatiesous in die bottel vir potjiekos en vul dit dan met die blokkie en kookwater…………!!!!)
1 beesvleis-aftreksel-blokkie
1 teel sout Halwe teel vars gemaalde swartpeper

Voeg die olie in potjie en verbruin die vleis. Voeg nou die uie & knoffel by die vleis en soteer die uie & knoffel saam met die vleis tot uie deurskynend is. Pak nou die groente in lae, eerste die aartappels, dan die wortels dan die kool en laaste die pampoenstukke. Gooi die speserye en al die oorblywend bestandele by die liter aftrekselmengsel en gooi oor die potjiekos. Sodra dit kook, strooi die pietersielie oor en plaas die deksel op, prut vir EEN UUR. Bedien op lekker rys of krummelpap. Beetslaai gaan ook lekker daarmee saam. HEER-R-R-LIk !! Moenie vergeet om ‘n lekker wyntjie saam voor te sit nie! Geniet rustig saam met familie & vriende.

Groetnis, George gwolvaardt@lando.co.za (Baie dankie George-ons is seker dat baie mense dit sal geniet-Ed)

How about YOUR favourite recipe everyone?


“Just to let you know, my first batch of biltong was great! I used rolled topside (not ideal ’cause all the fat fell off – but I was in a hurry!). It tasted fab! Quickly polished it all off! For the second batch I used sirloin with a lot of fat. The fat was great but the meat itself not as nice as the topside – though still great. So I need to get a butcher who had normal topside with a load of fat on it! ”

COLIN England (Don’t tell your doctor about this Colin-Ed)

“You have made me one happy guy! Biltong at the North Pole! Just made my second batch…..Caribous tastes lekker! What an excellent machine man! Thank you, you made me feel like a South African again. Eskimos eat your heart out”

STEPHEN Greenland

“Just a quick line to let you know, that the biltong machine is great. The spice we made for the biltong and the Boerewors had so much salt in that we could only eat the biltong after at least 12 bottles of beer and the Boerewors is in the freezer. Much debate went on by a large number of us South African’s as to the reason for the excess salt. Aromat got the blame a 02h00. I have been making biltong in a drying cupboard with a fan blowing, and have even found an ostrich farm. But I must say I do like the new machine it’s so much tidier and I can make smaller regular quantities.”


“The Biltong Maker works great. From being in a “biltong drought” for the last seven years (since we arrived in the US), we now are overflowing. I’m sure my doctor is going to have something to say about that, when my next cholesterol check becomes due 😉 Thanks for bringing back a bit of the old country into our lives! ”

CURT America

“Just to let you know the exciting news, we received the biltong maker and have now made our first lot. I can truthfully say it is some of the best biltong we have ever tasted, even my English friends liked it. Thank you!”

CLAIRE England

“I really think your product works and must admit that I start to feel a bit narked about the money I spent on second-rate biltong when I was in SA. Although I will admit to aspiring to the standard of Roodt Broers in Triomf (my local butchery when I was in Jo’burg). Now all I have to do is find a source of ostrich meat over here – not impossible I believe. All the best and all success with the Biltongmaker – every decent home should have one.”
ANDREW England

“And then……………… Hear this Oh Gods of Dry Things Meaty! Let it be known. On this the First Day of Drying. A Wondrous Machine Arrived! From the heavens containing spices unknown, mixed only for true believers. The gods answered and said if you send for it, it will come And it will spread happiness among the converted. IT HAS COME!!!! Praise to those, we are not worthy to worship. We will worship like only true believers can by following the scriptures (The Leaflet enclosed!) And make our lord proud that we can follow his commandments. We will send messages to prove how successful our worship has been. All homage and praise! Andrew Miller (Novice of The Order of Biltong) Wow!! –


(A big thanks to all of you for your nice comments. This will keep us going for a while! -Ed)


As promised here is the second part of the “Afrikaans” slang so often used. It comes from our friend Mark in Jamaica. Some of you have probably read this before but I find it fascinating nevertheless.



These are sneakers or running shoes. The word is also used to describe automobile or truck tires. “Fat tackies” are big tires, as in: “Where did you get those lekker fat tackies on your Volksie, hey?”


This word has two basic meanings, one good and one bad. First the good. A dop is a drink, a cocktail, a sundowner, a noggin. If you are invited over for a dop, be careful. It could be one or two sedate drinks or a blast, depending on the company you have fallen in with. Now the bad: To dop is to fail. If you dopped Standard Two (Grade 4) more than once, you probably won’t be reading this.


Pronounced – “frot”. A wonderful word which means “rotten” or “putrid” in Afrikaans, it is used by all language groups to describe anything they really don’t like. Most commonly it describes fruit or vegetables whose shelf lives have long expired, but a pair of takkies (sneakers) worn a few times too often can be termed vrot by unfortunate folk in the same room as the wearer. Also a rugby player who misses important tackles can be said to have played a vrot game – but not to his face because he won’t appreciate it. Also applies to someone who has consumed too much alcohol as in “He’s lekker vrot”. We once saw a movie review with this headline: “Slick Flick, Vrot Plot.”


This is a sandwich. For generations, school- children have traded sarmies during lunch breaks. If you are sending kids off to school in the morning, don’t give them liver-polony sarmies. They are the toughest to trade. BAKKIE—-This word is pronounced “bucky” and it is a small truck or pick-up. Young men can take their “cherrie” (girlfriend) to the drive-in flick in a bakkie but it is not always an appropriate form of transport because the seats usually don’t recline and you may be forced to watch the film.


This is a universal South African greeting, and you will hear this word throughout the land. It is often used with the word “No” as in this exchange: “No, howzit?” “No, fine.” “Isit?”


We don’t know if the lady ever existed, but if she did she has earned a place of honour in South African kitchen history. Chutney is, of course, of Indian origin and is pickled fruit prepared with vinegar, spices and sugar. South Africans are known to eat it with everything, including fried eggs. NOW-NOW—-In much of the outside world, this is a comforting phrase: “Now-now, don’t cry-I’ll take you to the bioscope tomorrow.” But in South Africa, this phrase means a little sooner than soon: “I’ll clean my room now-now, Ma.” It is a little more urgent than “just now” which means an indefinite time in the future.


To be tuned grief is to be aggravated, harassed. Be selective about using the term. For example, if your bank manager calls you in for an urgent chat about your overdraft, you should avoid saying: “Hey, listen. You’re tuning me grief, man.” That would be unwise and could result in major tuning of grief. There are variations. You can say about your boss: “This oke is tuning me uphill.”

Last episode next month………………………. (Thanks a lot for your input Mark, See you soon-Ed)



The answers to the questions for July were:
* Question 1: The RNA-5kg Biltong Maker can dry up to 5kg of meat.
* Question 2: The measurements are 265x305x495
* Question 3: R 795.00
Most of the 8169 people who entered had the answers right!


The winner of the July competition is Linda van Rensburg from Krugersdorp in South Africa. This is the first time we have had a South African winner! Well done and GRATULATIONS Linda, your New RNA-5kg Biltong Maker is on its way to you! Now you will be able to compare the two! You are already using three Traditional Biltong Makers! Quite a business you have going there!


The monthly draw or competition is totally free to everyone. You can enter as many times as you like. You can only enter via the Competition page on the Biltongmakers web site. All prizes are sent to the winners free of charge.


As the prize for the August competition we keeping it as the incredible Rockey’s New Age 5kg Biltong Maker!! Yes! So many people entered but there can of course only be one winner! So, all those people who were not lucky last month now have another chance.” After all, it is not every day that you can win one of these incredible machines! Just to refresh you memory (as if we need to!); Rockey’s New Age Biltong Maker indeed heralds a new dimension in Home Biltong Making. The machine takes up to 5kg of wet meat and dries it in a jiffy. Just visit our home page and click on the picture of the machine or on the link on the left. The winner of the August competition will be notified by email.


We have some great prizes lined up for this year.

* Biltongmakers
* Biltong spices
* Boerewors spices
* Braai tool sets
* Potjie Pots
* Barbecues
* More Cadac Skottel Braais and………. much, much more!!!
So, don’t wait! You can enter right now by going to www.biltongmakers.com and clicking on the COMPETITION link.


Just to remind you that you can now purchase any of the items on the Biltongmakers web site on your credit card budget account. We see that more and more of our customers are choosing this way of purchasing. So, if you hesitated in the past you can now click on our website link www.biltongmakers.com and follow the order placing procedure. It’s as easy as that!


Lots of people wrote to us this month. Please remember that if you have something interesting to tell, a nice recipe to part with or perhaps a question to ask, it would be nice to hear from you! Perhaps you have some advise to give? You never know how you could help somebody else with your own hints and tips. Of course it does not have to be about Biltong or food. Anything that is of interest is welcome! Share it with other people around the world! –


We are once again cleaned out! Between the South African Club braai in Luxembourg and all the other orders there is just one packet left and that one is for my breakfast! With the last batch I asked my butcher to mince the meat, which was a great help and time saver. I still made the sausage myself. But….I had another chat with him and he has agreed to make the whole sausage from now on. So, on Thursday morning it is off to the Abattoirs in Antwerp and then to the butcher where we will make another 100 kg. A lot of that is gone as well though, so if you want some, please give us a call. We now also have a “Beef Only” version as well for those people who don’t eat pork! The price is € 8.00 per kilogram. You can mail us at info@biltongmakers.com for details or phone Lo at +32-16-53.96.25.

Here is a comment from Andre who came all the way from Germany last month to fetch some Boeries for a friend’s birthday!

Hi Lo, Enjoyed it! You made my friend in Germany’s year! I don’t think he has ever had a better birthday present 🙂 André

Till next month! THE BILTONG TEAM Lo

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