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The Biltongmakers.Com Newsletter
April 2006
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From the editor
April 8, 2006
Hello and welcome to our newsletter for April!

My daughter who lives in Singapore came to London last week and told me that she found it very cold.
I said to her that it was Spring, the weather was lovely with a whole 12C during the day….Wow!!
She replied: “You may have Spring here but the word Freezing “springs” to mind!”

Well, I suppose that compared to tropical climates, it is cold in Europe 90% of the time.

But it is full of colour and flowers again outside.
Yellows and whites and reds and blues from the loads and loads of tulips, daffodils and crocuses and a host more flowers all over the place.
They just seem to be springing up from nowhere.
You see them in the gardens, in the middle of lawns, on the sidewalks and in between and alongside railway lines.
They are just everywhere.
Especially the daffodils!

The flower fields in Holland are in full bloom and tulips can be had for just € 5.00 (R37.00 or so) for 50 of them. Look at how beautiful it is in Holland and particularly the Keukenhof gardens. Click on the pictures to see them a bit bigger!
If anyone of you have a particularly nice spot somewhere or a lovely view why not send us a picture. We can then show it to everybody in next month’s newsletter.

I tell you what; the entrant of the best picture will receive € 25.00.
Only your own, original pictures will be judged!

 Tulip farming in Holland 2006

The 'Keukenhof' - unbelievable beauty

Boerewors for the Benelux (and the rest of Europe as well)
This week we made the first 300kg of boerewors and with all the orders mailed through to us most of it has gone already.
Orders have already come from as far away as Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
But, don’t worry, from now until the end of November we will (almost) always have ample stock.
Just give us a call (see the section of Boerewors) and arrange a collection or we can mail it to you.
It’s all nicely vacuum packed and ready to be enjoyed on the braai this coming Easter Weekend!
I don’t know about you but that is what we’ll be doing.
Good weather or not!

Thank you to all who voted
A big thank you to all those people who voted for our web site last month. You can continue doing so if you want to. It will be very much appreciated.
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And so we are moving to the middle of the year already. The days are getting shorter “down-under” and here by us the long evenings and early mornings are slowly starting to happen. It will be nice to sit outside again and have a little warmth on our bodies.
The one thing I don’t particularly look forward to is keeping the garden under control again for a couple of months!
Polite, my faithful gardener in SA, please send me your phone number? You can stay free until November!!

Well, that’s it from me. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter especially the input from some of our readers and the story about Eva Jordaan in Iceland.

Come on guys and dolls. Tell us what it’s like there by you. Everyone would love to hear from you!

Till next month,

All the best,


Food for thought

Another few words of advice


  • Talk slowly but think quickly.
  • When someone asks you a question you don’t want to
  • answer, smile and ask, “Why do you want to know?”
  • Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
  • Say “bless you” when you hear someone sneeze.
  • When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  • Remember the three R’s:
    Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.
  • Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
  • When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take
  • immediate steps to correct it.
  • Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.
  • Spend some time alone.

Story of the month

A Budding Biltong Success Story!

Eva Jordaan from Iceland is a very enterprising lady, probably the most successful budding Biltong Factory owner we know about and certainly the only one in Iceland, of all places!
Last year Eve bought two of our Rockey 5kg Home Biltong Makers, an industrial shredder and a heap of spices. Eva’s plan was to make and sell Biltong in Iceland!

We all thought (without much conviction); good luck to her, let’s hope it will work.

Little did we know what her plans were!

Last month the first pictures started coming in and we were totally flabbergasted. Here was an entrepreneur who had set up a small factory, went through the difficult process of getting licenses, complying with health authorities and you name it, she’s done it!

It is a pity we can’t show all the pictures but the ones we do have here tell their own story!

After Eva sent us the pictures we wrote back to compliment her on her achievements. And so a couple of mails later we had most of the story about what Eva is planning!
Here are some of her mails and part of her story:

Eva writes:

Thank you for the compliment.

I have to have the set-up like a full blown meat processing factory as the Icelanders are very, very strict on hygiene.

There is nothing more that I would like than to hang the meat from the rafters in my house but that is not allowed of course.

I have to have a license and this I only get once the Health Inspector has made his inspection of the work environment and the producing method of the product also the product itself.
Then the Government Department for Accidents in the work place has to inspect all machinery to establish the safety of such a machine.
Then the Fire department does their inspection of the fire extinguishers that have to be installed.
After all of this is done my licence may be granted if I had fulfilled all requirements to their liking.
A whole lot of RED-TAPE don´t you think?

When Paul and I visited South Africa last year in September we went to so many different Biltong shops and places were it was being made and we looked at each other and said: “If we could do it this way in Iceland I would have enough money (1,200 miljoen Icelandic Krone) just to purchase meat and we would not have to spend the money on getting a factory set-up as we have had to do.”

The rules and regulations for this kind of business seem to be almost non-existent in South Africa.
The Icelandic Health Inspector would close down each and every butcher shop or place of business making Biltong and droëwors (that we have seen) in South Africa that is for sure.

We even had to re-paint the house from top to bottom and side to side with special paint for buildings being used for meat processing, hotels kitchens etc.
We even have to have a separate hand wash sink/basin so that people entering the place can wash and disinfect their hands.
Nobody is allowed within the factory area without a work coat over their clothing and a hairnet on their head and latex gloves have to be worn while working.

The meat taste is so great here (it is basically organic) that the spices needed are minimal. I found through experimenting that I basically only need black pepper and coriander to get the best taste from the meat.
The only problem that I am going to encounter later is the vinegar. The one that was perfect for the job is not being made anymore. So I have a slight problem in this regard.

On the 10th of March I was told about a Exhibition which is going to take place on the 5-7th May 2006.

Last night we had a meeting regarding this exhibition to elect a chairperson to handle all the organizing etc. At this meeting I presented the biltong packed in little 80 gram white packets and the people could not stop eating!
I also grated some and spread it onto Icelandic bread. Nothing was left of it.
Everybody is so exited about my products but not more than I!

The Mayor of our little town even spoke to the TV crew that visited our neck of the woods to make recordings of why the people are leaving the smaller towns for the Capital, about me and they wanted an interview on the spot.

So there I was, no make-up and not dressed to kill and talking to the Press!

Now I can also say I have been on TV!

The best thing is that the whole of Iceland is going to see us and the product that is going to hit this country and take it by storm.

Speak soon,


Well dear readers if you can’t feel the enthousiasm bursting forth from these emails we don’t know. Here is a lady who is going to make it big!

Since then Eva has taken delivery of a huge industrial vacuum packing machine.
The next step in the process is that Eve has ordered and is about to take delivery of a 120kg professional Biltong Drying Cabinet as well as a 30kg model!!

We will keep you informed!!

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The Kalahari Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

The Kalahari Bar is unique and the first authentic Southern African bar in the U.S.A. It includes many Antique Décor and Memorabilia from Africa.

  • Bar has a 4-COP Quota License (this means a full liquor bar and liquor may be sold by the drink or by the bottle from the bar and/or a Packaged Bottle Store attached to the bar). Price of bar is $330,000 (which includes 4-COP license which is valued at over $150,000).
  • Bar is a ‘Turnkey Operation’ and is being sold completely ‘as is’.
  • Long lease – Owner Retiring – Regular local and expat Clientele and has customer base of over 1,000 email addresses.
This is a possible opportunity for someone wanting to move to the U.S.A.

For serious enquiries only, please contact us at: kalahari@kalaharibar.com
or visit our website at www.kalaharibar.com

Our Home Biltong Makers

Our Home Made Biltong is by far better….!


The Biltong maker and the spice work like a dream. Both my daughter and I feel that our homemade Biltong is by far superior to the biltong that local butchers here in the UK sell.


Brian Egglestone

The most popular Home Biltong Maker in the world!You too could be making your own Biltong in a very short space of time.
Have a look at our Home Biltong Makers and see how easy it is!!

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You can have a look at the BILTONG BUDDY here.

This month’s special offer

Still at give-away prices!

We are holding our prices for ONE MORE MONTH despite a 20% price increase in South Africa due to a massive increase in raw materials!

The new prices from next month will be as follows:

Rockey’s New Age Home Biltong Maker R 950.00
The Biltong Buddy R 750.00


Rockey’s New Age Home Biltong maker will still cost only R 795.00 instead of R 850.00
Our Biltong Buddy Home Biltong Maker will cost R 595.00 instead of R 625.00

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Tip of the month

Meat Cutting Charts


Many people have been writing to us over the years, where they could find a meat cutting chart.
With the demise of the old “Meat Board” during all the changes in South Africa their cutting charts seemed to have disappeared as well.
The organization replacing the Meat Board is Samic (South African Meat Industry Company) and they have some very old cutting charts that can be accessed from their web site.
However, it is such a mission to find the charts that we have downloaded them on to the Biltongmakers web site.
So, just click on the one you want to see.


Important notice!!

It was brought to our notice that some people try to use a higher wattage and different shape globe than supplied with the Biltong Makers. They do this to try and decrease the drying time. Not only does this not work but it it also dangerous!
Firstly, a higher wattage light will dry the meat too quickly resulting in a hard outer crust and a soft inside.
Secondly, using a globe of a higher wattage than recommended will damage certain of the components in the machines.
ONLY USE a candle shaped 25 watt globe for the Biltong Buddy and a 40 watt candle shaped globe for Rockey’s 5kg machine.


Questions and Answers

Here is our regular section on the many questions we receive from our readers all over the world.
If we have not given an answer and you can help these people could you please mail them?
(Please copy us in on your mails at
so we can help other people who might have the same questions in the future)


I live in Finland and I spoke to our local butcher, if you can call him that! The shops here are not like in South Africa.
I need to know what cut of meat you use because although I know what we call it back home, the cuts are different here.
They don’t even know what a rump steak or T-bone steak is. I just need to experiment with the different types of meat here to find one that will give me a good piece of biltong.
A friend wants to try a piece of moose as well.
Thank you in advance for the advice.

Kind regards
François Botes


Perhaps you could contact Arnfin who stays in Norway. He has been making biltong in his biltong maker since 2000! – Ed

This is what he says

Just to let you know that my first batch of Biltong was a great success. It was made of fresh frozen roe-deer (similar to Springbok).
My next batch will be Reindeer (another culinary experience!) Thanks again for you assistance in bringing back some of my memories of your fantastic South African Biltong!

Arnfin Seldal
Sandness, Norway (30-11-2000)



I seem to be having a bit of a problem regarding the sweetness of the finished biltong product. It tastes like American Jerky and it is terrible!
Are we using too much vinegar or Worcester sauce? I think maybe our brand of Worcester sauce is incorrect and too sweet.
What can I use to combat this sweet taste?
We’ve also been using Apple Cider Vinegar, as I can’t seem to find normal brown vinegar anywhere. Do you think that’s affecting it?

Kindest regards,
Kimbo Brown
Aspen, USA



I’m looking at making my own Boerewors from home for myself. I need to buy the equipment to do this, but don’t know where to find it.
As I’m only making some for myself, I’m not looking for big equipment like a butchery would use.
Please let me know where to find such equipment?

Thanks in advance.
Lardus Brooks.
South Africa



Hello, I have been making biltong for some time now and have tried different recipes but I can’t seem to get the biltong quite right.
When I purchase biltong it is dark black on the outside and black around the edges on the inside, with a pink middle. It is also hard on the outside.
I love it this way.
When I try to make it, it always ends up brownish/black in color on the outside. The outside doesn’t really get hard and the inside is a kind of dark ash color. It tastes fine, but doesn’t have the same appeal and I can’t get that pink color in the center.
What can be causing this?
Any suggestions/ideas/solutions would help.

Sorry to read the news of your good friend’s passing.

Kind regards,
Ian Ruzow



Can one make chicken biltong and if so, are there any recipes for it?

Gill Schentke


Stoep Talk

Madiba and Mrs Ball’s in battle of the icons
By James ClarkeMy invitation to readers to write down what they considered to be our 10 most appropriate national icons brought in a gratifying flurry of entries.

The three most commonly suggested icons were: Madiba, Mrs Ball’s Chutney and biltong! Then came braai; boerewors; proteas; Castle beer; Klippies en Coke; the national flag, the sun (sunny days).

Amazingly only one reader mentioned the springbok.

Barbara Christie suggested: Madiba’s shirt; shack with satellite dish; fynbos; healthy fruit; marauding baboons; vuvuzelas; big mamas (the South African matriarch); Cape Town; Patricia Lewis; potholes (big enough to fish in).

Eshaana Bapooo of Springs: Beaded doilies (covering tannie’s milk jug); melktert; biltong (which everybody smuggles through customs); painted ostrich eggs; naartjies; Yebo gogo (who hasn’t used this at least once?); Ryk Neethling; loveLife billboards (that make no sense whatsoever); Mrs Ball’s Chutney; Klippies & Coke.

Dr H Denis Solomons of Highlands North had an interesting variety: veldskoene; khaki; safari suits; Mrs Ball’s Chutney; waterblometjie bredie; the Hillbrow Tower; biltong; dassie; African rock python(!); Jock of the Bushveld.

Tony Thacker wrote: “Since Desmond Tutu turns up so often perhaps we could have his nose declared a World Heritage Site?”

Herbie Neilson’s list: Table Mountain; ox wagon; gold-mine headgear; lion kill; braai, beer and biltong; takkies; beach at sunrise; pipe-smoking Xhosa woman; Oriental Bazaar; protea.

Bridget Ballard listed things her daughter misses since emigrating to New Zealand: Ouma rusks; Mrs Ball’s chutney; biltong; Highveld thunderstorms; our fabulous record-breaking cricket team (Bridget must have written this immediately after the famous 50-overs match); Madiba; bi-lingual soapies; our 12 public holidays a year; mine dumps; sandy shores.

Nick and Des Andrew: a stoep (your column too!); first class rugby; Table Mountain; Castle beer; John Robbie; open road; black faces; Chappies bubblegum; bare feet; game reserve.

Patricia King of Parkview: Cape Town Castle; Table Mountain; Augrabies Falls; pot-bellied men in shorts; well-heeled men in shoes without socks; goldmine dumps; biltong; boerewors; Kruger Park; Namaqualand flowers.

Ramohau of Clocolan says: If one is fortunate enough to live in the Eastern Free State these 10 icons are all around us: Sunrise over the Malutis; cherry blossom time; autumnal coloured poplars; beautiful sandstone home; sunset; Basotho hat; golden wheat fields waving in the breeze; ice-cold draft beer; snow on the Malutis; a traffic cop’s speed gun.

Among icons suggested by Rikjan Scott, in London were: the sweet smell of wet tarmac after a Highveld thunder storm, Johnny Clegg, Kwaito music, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, jacarandas in bloom and Mandela’s little dance.

Jannis Rodrigues included: the braai, Klippies and Coke (or Tassies), alcoholic oranges at rugby and cricket matches.

Among items suggested by Grahamn Haiden, an expat now in Auckland, New Zealand, were: a braai; Mrs Ball’s Chutney; game biltong (not beef) and a Highveld storm.

Rob Marshall of Ermelo included Nelson Mandela, Ernest Oppenheimer, Gary Player, a gold mine, the Zulu people and Mrs Ples (the Taung Child would have been even better).

And the winners (of R100) are… Gerrit and Ann de Villiers of Alberton from last month. Their list was:

  • Madiba’s smile
  • The national flag (“that happy flag”)
  • A pronking springbok
  • A wild protea bush
  • A blue sky
  • A sizzling braai
  • A sand road
  • Archbishop Tutu’s nose
  • A thunderstorm
  • An empty beach

You have been warned…
According to a Netcare Travel Clinic, “Malaria is a potentially fatal disease caught from biting mosquitoes.”

So be warned, don’t ever bite a mosquito.

Recipe corner

Oven Baked or Barbecued Crayfish Tails

What you need6 Crayfish tails

For the citrus sauce:

  • ½ cup (125 ml) orange juice
  • ½ cup (125 ml) lemon juice
  • ½ tsp (2,5 ml) celery salt
  • ½ tsp (2,5 ml) onion salt
  • ½ tsp (2,5 ml) pepper
  • ½ cup (125 ml) butter or margarine

For the Garlic Sauce:

  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 6 tbsp (90 ml) chopped fresh parsley
  • 3 tbsp (45 ml) butter or margarine, melted
  • ½ tsp (7,5 ml) onion salt

Now, how to go about it…..

The Sauces
For this recipe, you may choose to prepare either of the sauces, or both (reducing the ingredients together, except the butter or margarine) and bring to the boil.
Gradually add the butter or margarine, beating the sauce constantly as you do so.

For the Garlic Sauce you simply mix all the ingredients together.

The Cray Fish

  • To cook the crayfish, preheat the oven to 200°C
  • Steam the crayfish in a saucepan for 5 minutes until parboiled
  • Halve the tails lengthways and remove the alimentary canal
  • Place the crayfish, flesh side up on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes in the oven Baste the crayfish from time to time with the sauce of your choice, and cook until done.

Another incredible way to do the Crayfish………barbecue over the coals!

  • First place it flesh side down on the grid and braai (or barbecue) for 5 minutes
  • Turn, so that the shell us underneath, and braai until cooked, basting with the sauce as you do so.

Beware! Do not over-cook they tend to go rubbery

Click below for our handy cooking converter
Our handy cooking converter
Around the World

Bits and Bobs from people around the world


I must say I`m really glad to be receiving your newsletter every month. My husband and I are always looking forward to reading the newsletter. It makes life in this cold and as it seems constantly grey Germany a bit more bearable!

We`ve been in Germany for approximately 6 years now and my husband has a great job BUT it is so hard finding REAL friends in this country. It seems near to impossible to us. It is just not the same!

DIS NET NIE SUID AFRIKA NIE !!! We miss our fellow South Africans a lot.

Because our two sons go to school here and have adjusted very well we just have to stick it out here BUT we will always stay homesick. Luckily we have you to brighten up our lives a little bit with this Newsletter.

We have bought the Biltongmaker and are really glad we did! A little bit of home away from home. Thanks!!!!

We would love to hear from other South African families living in Germany. So if some of you would like to write me an e-mail, your more than welcome. Maybe we’ll even have a Braai together. Pap en sous en Boerewors…geen probleem!

Manuela Wilkat
Kreiss Neuss – Germany


Oud-Matie Reünie in België

Die Universiteit van Stellenbosch beplan ‘n oud-Matie byeenkoms in Brussel noukomende Meimaand. Oud-Maties word versoek om hul kontakbesonderhede (insluitend e-pos adres) so gou as moontlik aan Alison April deur te gee.

Kontak Alison by:
Rue John Waterloo Wilson, 32
1000 Brussel
Tel: 02 280 18 25
E-pos: sourdoire.april@coditel.net

Alison April
Koördineerder vir België


Old-Matie Reunion in Belgium

The University of Stellenbosch will be organising an Old-Matie meeting in Brussels this coming May. Former students are requested to forward their contact details (including e-mail address) to Alison April as soon as possible.

Contact Alison at:
Rue John Waterloo Wilson, 32
1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 280 18 25
E-mail: sourdoire.april@coditel.net

Alison April
Co-ordinator for Belgium


The following was send in by Nico Botha from Australia

Coetzee takes Australian citizenship

Nobel Prize-winning South African author J M Coetzee has become an Australian citizen.

Adelaide, Australia,

Nobel Prize-winning South African author J M Coetzee became an Australian citizen on Monday, saying he had been attracted by the country’s “free and generous spirit”.

Coetzee was born in South Africa in 1940 and his writing, which won him the Booker Prize twice as well as the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature, reflected the sufferings of a country torn by the racial policy of apartheid.

He retired as an English professor at Cape Town University in January 2002, a post he had held since 1984, and moved to South Australia where he is an honorary research fellow with the University of Adelaide’s English department.

Coetzee became a citizen on Monday at a special ceremony conducted by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone.

He said he had been drawn to Australia since his first visit 15 years ago.

“I did not so much leave South Africa, a country with which I retain strong emotional ties, but come to Australia,” he was quoted as saying by the national AAP news agency.

A tremendous compliment!

“I came because from the time of my first visit in 1991, I was attracted by the free and generous spirit of the people, by the beauty of the land itself and, when I first saw Adelaide, by the grace of the city I now have the honour to call my home.”

Vanstone said Coetzee’s decision to become an Australian citizen was a tremendous compliment to the country.

“We take pride in our diversity and our ability to live harmoniously with one another,” she said.

“In Australia we value basic rights – democracy and equality under law and equality of treatment and opportunity.

“Our strength as a nation flows from our joint commitment to these shared values. It is important that in these challenging times that Australian citizenship continues to unify us.”


This one from John Bell in the UK

You’ve got it all wrong about George Bush! (See last month’s newsletter)

It was an innocent Brazilian civilian – no crime committed – but it took about nine dum-dum bullets to the head and thereabouts to kill him by Britain’s Finest.

All now being desperately swept under the carpet to protect Britain’s wretched, lying and thoroughly immoral government.

Sorry to introduce a note of reality into your always thoroughly enjoyable newsletter, but keep it up.

Best regards
John Bell (Homesick)


This last (and very interesting) one is from John Maher in the UK

I need to correct you on one point mentioned in your newsletter of March 2006.
Spring only starts on the 20 March at 18:26 UT this year.
Each year it is different, but always on the vernal equinox.
For past and future dates, check out http://www.glib.com/season_dates.html
Although we always believed that 1st September in South Africa was the beginning of spring; we were wrong!

John Maher
Kintbury, England


Something to smile about

The Boere Computer Dictionary From South Africa


  • Monitor – Keeping an eye on the braai
  • Download – Get the firewood off the bakkie
  • Hard drive – Trip back home without any cold beer
  • Keyboard – Where you hang the bakkie and bike keys
  • Window – What you shut when it’s cold
  • Screen – What you shut in the mosquito season
  • Byte – What mosquitoes do
  • Bit – What mosquitoes did
  • Mega Byte – What mosquitoes at the lake do
  • Chip – A bar snack
  • Micro Chip – What’s left in the bag after you have eaten the chips
  • Modem – What you did to the lawns
  • Dot Matrix – Oom Jan Matrix’s wife
  • Laptop – Where the cat sleeps
  • Software – Plastic knives and forks you get at KFC
  • Hardware – Real stainless steel knives and forks from Checkers
  • Mouse – What eats the grain in the shed
  • Mainframe – What holds the shed up
  • Web – What spiders make
  • Web Site – The shed (or under the verandah)
  • Cursor – The old bloke what swears a lot
  • Search Engine – What you do when the bakkie won’t go
  • Yahoo – What you say when the bakkie does go
  • Upgrade – A steep hill
  • Server – The person at the pub what brings out the lunch
  • Mail Server – The bloke at the pub what brings out the lunch
  • User – The neighbour what keeps borrowing things
  • Network – When you have to repair your fishing net
  • Internet – Complicated fish net repair method
  • Netscape – When fish maneuvers out of reach of net
  • Online – When you get the laundry hung out
  • Off Line – When the pegs don’t hold the washing up
Live Well – Laugh Often – Love Much

Sport talk

Links to the sport pages

Black Caps arrive for Test series.
New Zealand skipper Stephen Fleming says South Africa are still favourites to win the three-Test series despite their poor performances against Australia.
Full Story…

Top six owe Proteas tons of runs.
The South African top order’s inability to score runs was one of the main reasons why the Proteas had such a miserable Test series against Australia, writes Michael Doman.
Full Story…

Campese may work with the Boks.
Springbok coach Jake White has admitted he would be interested in acquiring the services of Wallaby legend David Campese for the Boks’ build-up to the World Cup.
Full Story…

A blueprint to resuscitate SA rugby.
SA Rugby’s President’s Council is due to meet to discuss the inclusion of the Southern Spears in the Super 14 – but the are deeper problems.
Dale Granger presents an argument for restructuring the game.
Full Story…

-Where can you watch rugby on TV?-
Click here to find out where in most countries!
Something for free?

Please help us to help others


As a South African orientated web site we are constantly looking to contact more and more South Africans across the world.
Not only to tell them about how they can make their own Biltong but also to give them a chance to share their stories with other South Africans the world over.So, here is your chance to help us.

If you know about a South African family or friend living near you or perhaps somewhere far away, why not tell them about us and then us about them.
Perhaps you can send us their email address so that we can mail them a copy of this newsletter.
If they like it they can stay on the mailing list, if not they can just let us know and we will remove them from the list.

If the response we receive is large enough and, directly due to your efforts people place orders with us, you could be rewarded by receiving one of our products totally free of charge.

What an easy way to perhaps get your own Home Biltong Maker without having to pay a cent for it!

You can mail us at info@biltongmakers.com

During the last month many people went to the trouble once again of submitting their friend’s and family’s names and we would like to thank all!

Let’s hear from you too!!

Why not write to us

Now that we are already well into the new year it would be nice to get some contributions for the newsletter from all our readers.

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Boerewors in the Benelux


The first batches for 2006 have been made and delivered and there is ample stock at the butcher’s and in our freezers as well.
From now on right through till the end of November we will (almost) always have stock on hand, unless someone decides to clear us out totally.
Boeries on the braai!Our Country Boerewors has already proven to be as popular as last year (and all the years before)!
Especially very well received was the vacuum packing of the wors. Now people can buy larger quantities and it will last them for a couple of months!

We’ve had some on the braai already and you could smell it from a mile away! Lovely!!

If you want some boeries on your first barbecue of the season call us now on +32 (16) 53.96.25 or mail us at info@boerewors.be
Our Boerewors is vacuum packed in quantities of about 500 gram. The price is € 8.45 per kg.



Click to see me biggerPotjiekos …… a fun way to entertain!

Potjiekos, as it is known in South Africa, is a fun way of entertaining. It takes 3-5 hours to prepare and make a “Potjie” (depending on what you cook) and then you can tuck in and enjoy it.
We make our famous “Potjiekos” for a minimum of 50 and up to 100 people in a size 25 Potjie Pot and you have a choice between Beef, Chicken and Lamb.

The Chicken “Potjie” is the most popular because it is a really inexpensive way to entertain. It is only € 8.50 for between 50 and 70 and € 7.50 per person after that.

This includes everything from the “Potjie” itself to the plates and eating utensils. For an extra € 2.00 we even make the Pap!

For venues more than 50km from our home base in Keerbergen there is a small transport fee.


Booking is essential and you can do so on +32 (16) 53.96.25 or email us!

(Please note that our “Potjiekos” can only be done outside because we cook on gas or coals!)

Lamb on the Spit

Lamb on the spit ……. something special!

Lamb on the Spit is a way of entertaining as only known by very few mainly because it is thought to be very expensive.

Not so!

Click to see me big!We will do a lamb on the Spit for parties of a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 40-50 people for just € 18.00 and € 15.00 a head respectively.

Together with the lamb we will treat you to a big pot of curried potatoes as well as a choice between a pasta salad or three-bean salad. Garlic or bread rolls are included as well.
For venues more than 50km from our home base in Keerbergen there is a small transport fee.

We have already received many bookings for the months of May and June. If you are planning a function or party with a lamb on the Spit in mind it is advisable to book early. Remember that we are doing these functions only during weekends.


Booking early is essential and you can do so on
+32(16) 53-9625
or email us.
-May and June 2006 are almost booked out-(As with our “Potjiekos” a Lamb on the Spit can only be done outside because we cook on coals!)


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