RNA-5 (Standard) (5kg) Home Biltong Maker 100-240 volt


RNA-5kg Home Biltong Maker (110/220 volt) – (Professional model)

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The NEW RNA-5 Standard Home Biltong Maker is the bigger brother of the BILTONG BUDDY.

This Home Biltong maker also operates on the principle of convection as a means of drying the meat.

It is the latest addition to our popular range of Home Biltong Makers.

From now on it will be even quicker and easier to make your biltong or to dry your droëwors!

The RNA-5 (Standard) can take a maximum of 5kg of wet meat under the right conditions, which means that you can now produce enough biltong even for your friends and extended family circle.

The New RNA-5 (Standard) is made of a rigid 4mm thick ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) a commonly used material for the insides of refrigerators and freezers which makes the machine very easy to keep clean.

It measures 29 (L) x 28 (W) x 50 (H) cm and weighs around 4 kilograms.

(Packed it is 18 x 58 x 34 cm with a weight of 5kg)

The machine makes use of a 40 watt globe to supply the right temperature to dry the meat.

This globe gives a constant heat, just enough to simulate the natural drying conditions that you would find in the Southern African countries.

This RNA-5 (Standard) Home Biltong Maker can be used in 220 volt and 110 volt environments by simply applying the correct globe.

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