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    miles and miles of boerewors!
    The finished

    Real South African Boerewors in Belgium

    Before June and I left South Africa in 2001 we spent a lot of time learning how to makeThe mincing and mixing process a good South African Boerewors. We knew that once in Europe it would be very difficult to get hold of the real thing!
    So, with the help of our local butcher, Frikkie, we practiced for a couple of months until he was happy that our wors was really good.

    For the last 10 years we have been making this original South African Boerewors in Belgium
    We started out making a couple of kilograms in the kitchen for ourselves using our little Kenwood Chef with a mincing/wors making attachment. If we had some extra we would sell it to family and friends.

    Soon there were more friends and family than we could ever remember having and instead of making 5 or 10 kg, it became first 30 then 40 or 60 kg!!
    Some people came from as far as Germany, Switzerland and even Italy to stock up! The Bin Filler
    But, it just became too much and, since we had started selling Boeries to the general public we had to find a friendly butcher who would help us make it.
    Filling the sausage
    In the beginning we did this ourselves with the help of Harry, our new butcher. But, that also became too much and right now all our boerewors is made (under our supervision) at a delicatessen products factory in Wijgmaal.

    Boerewors from Biltongmakers-Benelux is now enjoyed by thousands of people all over Europe.

    For the past 10 years we have supplied a host of South African embassies in Europe as well as many of the South Africa clubs here. One of the highlights was of course when the Springbok team placed their boerewors orders with us during their last Word Cup tour in France!

    Our Boerewors is made with spices specially mixed for us in South Africa.
    We use either a mixture of Beef and Pork or make the sausage with Beef only for those people who prefer it that way.

    Since 2008 we have also added Biltong, droewors and chilli bites to our product lines.

    You also want some of the real thing?

    All you have to do is call us at +32 (16) 53.96.25 or mail us at Under certain conditions we will even deliver to your door in the Benelux. For delivery in Belgium and to other EU countries we simply mail via overnight priority mail.
    Since the Boerewors is vacuum packed it always arrives as fresh as the day it was made.

    At the present wholesale cost of meat our Boerewors is generally priced at € 8.45 per kg . We vacuum pack our wors in quantities of approximately 500 gram to ensure maximum freshness.

    Special pricing is applicable for those people who place bulk orders for their family and friends. Why not get together with a group of people and place one big order?

    Also click here for the latest update of this year's prices, specials and availability

    Feel free to e-mail me:
    E-Mail: Lo Krijger
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