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The three fabulous prizes for December 2004

  • One of our famous Biltong Buddy Home Biltong Makers
  • A set of Braai Tools in a smart metal carry case
  • A handy Biltongmakers Biltong Cutter

  • The incredible "BILTONG BUDDY" 2kg Home Biltong Maker!

    We all know the famous "BILTONG BUDDY". It makes 2 kg of Biltong in just 3-4 days and it's as easy as 1-2-3 to make it!

    Click here to find out more about me! Just marinate the meat with the pre-mixed Biltong Spices and some vinegar and worcester sauce, dry it and hang in the Biltong Maker. Within a couple of days you have Biltong like you would buy at any butcher in South Africa or even better!

    For those people who want to make big batches at one time we have "ROCKEY'S RNA-5" Home Biltong Maker. With this you can make 5 kg of Biltong, enough to sit through any rugby or cricket match!

    The ultimate braai utensil set, click to see me big!!!
    The ultimate Braai tool set

    No braai or barbecue is complete without a handy set of tools. This complete set of braai tools is made of stainless steel and comes in a smart looking carry case. Just imagine you walking in on a braai with these tools!
    There is a knife, tongs, clippers, brochette spikes, a cleaning brush and much much more.
    It might be an idea though to leave the cleaning brush at home when you visit other people with this outfit!

    Click here to see me big
    The Handy Biltongmakers Biltong Cutter

    How often does it happen that you want to cut some Biltong and you cannot find a knife sharp enough? more battling with the all new Biltongmakers Biltong Cutter. This sturdy cutter is made of blackwood and is always sharp. The Biltongmakers Biltong Cutter is a must for the real Biltong enthusiast!

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